oHOTmu or NOT Ep.30: Doctor Strange to Dragon Man

The Sorcerer Supreme. His Pad Supreme. A flaming demon. A purplish dragon. Only the Girls can scientifically determine which are Hot, and which are Not, as coverage on issue #4 begins!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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13 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.30: Doctor Strange to Dragon Man

  1. Oh this was fun, and I love the picture of all the ladies together.

    I really thought coming in that Doctor Strange was going to be an easy “Hot” if for no other reason than Cumberbatch. But that was a surprisingly lively discussion that took quite a few twists and turns. I like that folks had a hard time pinning down his look. I can off my own interpretation. I’ve always read it as a bit of a mashup of the European sorcerer look (royal magician kind of thing) and Tibetan spiritualists (or at least how a guy in 1960s America interpreted it.) And the villain vibe I suspect is there just to give him an air of mystery, since so often part of the threat of a villain is feeling like you don’t know everything about them whereas heroes we generally have a full sense of. Thus why so many lame anti-heroes in the 90s tried for the hero with mysterious past thing. Anyways, even though the gloves are a sticking point for me as well (and they really looked terrible on screen, and also jarring since they weren’t in the movie proper but showed up in the mid-credit bonus scene and his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok) it’d still be a hot. And I have to say this whole idea of aggressive meditation is going to have me chuckling all day. Not much to say about the house besides I’d so live there. And Greenwich Village is a pretty nice area of Manhattan. It was starving artist and beatnick territory at the time the character was created but it’s been overtaken by hipsters since then I’m sorry to report.

    Dormamu… I pretty much always get stuck on the lines in his face. It just reads pumpkin and then I think about the flaming pumpkin that the Headless Horseman holds in the Disney version of that story and then I think about how much I love that depiction of the Headless Horseman and then I start to go “wait, what was I thinking about again?” He’s kind of nifty in concept and clearly hot in the literal sense but… no.

    Dragon Man. Ok, I’m going to make a really weird criticism. But he looks squat. Yes, I know he’s over 15′ tall, but his build looks squished, more like Puck than anything else. And as much as I know dragons aren’t real (or at least that’s what THEY want you to think) I still have a fixed idea of what a dragon should be. Dragons should be long. Long necks. Long tails. Long claws. This isn’t a dragon, it’s a fire breathing gargoyle (so the ladies and I are on the same page there.) And I really hate to get hung up on how a character fails to live up to the expectations that come with a name (it’s REALLY shallow and weird, I know that) I just can’t roll with this. Call yourself Gargoyle Man and maybe you’d have a shot. Though odds are even then I’d spend the whole time thinking “You know, Goliath from the Gargoyles cartoon was way hotter.” That said, I really liked hearing the ladies squee over him. They need not share my superficial hangups.

    Oh and Siskoid, if the discussion goes towards S&M, let it go there. I got all intrigued and you go reining it back it. Killjoy.

    1. It’s not the S&M I mind, it’s the acting like she’d never heard of it. Or was this another case of never having heard the term “cat burglar” before?

      I mean, we’d already covered the Black Queen. Sometimes, you gotta curate comedy routines 😉

  2. Love the wine glasses, especially the Armadillo logo!

    Also appreciate the group photo…I see that Josee and Isabel are looking ahead at the Book of the Dead. The question is, will they remember by the time you get to the actual issue?

    (And speaking of the Book of the Dead…Since you couldn’t remember whether Dormammu’s sister Umar was in the main book or in the Book of the Dead: She is listed in the “U” volume of the main series, so she’s a long way off, but not as long as if she’d been dead at the time.)

    I hadn’t realized how happy Dormammu looks in so many of those pictures…it’s evil glee, but glee nonetheless!

  3. “This is not Super Mates!” You don’t want a permanent bruise, ladies. Stop the violence now.

    I learn so much from this show. Peeing after sex for one. Dragon Man’s unilateral hotness and the kind of “meh” response to Doctor Strange. You never fail to surprise me. Don’t ever change.

    Great work on those glasses, Shotgun! YES, painting on glass is a pain in the ass! I once painted an intricate logo on a store window. Nightmare fuel. Fantastic job!!!


  4. Some podcasts are orderly discussions of the topic at hand. This … was not that kind of podcast. This was barely constrained chaos. And I love you for it. #SassyTextiles to #ShotgunGlasses. Those glasses are so cool!

    The squad’s take on Dragon Man was a surprise, but in hindsight, I might have seen it coming. The girls of Power Pack (Julie 11 and Katie 5) took him in, and as I recall, treated him like a big purplish-grey Teddy Bear. That fits the squeals of delight from the gang.

    Don’t worry, Isabel. You pronounced my name right, so you did great!

  5. This show does threaten the ‘fabric’ of space time. So #SassyTextiles makes sense.

    I’m a big Dormammu guy. Always hoped I’d earn an adjective. The Dread Dr. Anj has a nice ring, no? I think I like Dormammu because he isn’t dour in his mission. He takes a maniacal glee in his work. I strive for that passion.

    Definitely like Dragon Man.

    And super snazzy glasses Shotgun. Love the Armadillo symbol!

  6. Even after 30 episodes the girls continue to surprise. I thought Dr Strange would be a slam dunk but it was DRAGON MAN that got the hearts all a-flutterin’. I’m sure the listing helped–that’s a great drawing, I love how he is bursting at the seams of the rigid box Marvel put all its characters in.

    This show continues to be a delight.

  7. “You can have my skin. I have lots of eczema.” Between that line, the squeals of delight for Dragon Man, and those awesome wine glasses, this show continues to one of my favourite (yes, there’s a “u” in that word, spell check, I’m from Vancouver) podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Take that, JLI Bwah-ha-ha!
    Weird side note (feel free to disregard), whenever I read Doctor Strange comics as a kid, he always had one of those posh affectations in my head. Kind of British, but not quite. Like John Carradine in House of Dracula (who, I think, this image of Doctor Strange looks like). So when Marvel cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Strange, I thought to myself, “This is perfect! He won’t even have to do an accent.”. To hear him speak with a North American accent was the most distracting part of that movie for me.
    Thanks for another great episode and keep up the great work everyone!

  8. Fun, as always.

    I think the “to the right” reading assistant is a good idea, since no one seems to use names when addressing each other. 😉

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