oHOTmu or NOT Ep.57: Karma to Ka-Zar

A mutant from Vietnam. An Inhuman martial artist. The Queen of the Norns. A Tarzan wannabe. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls use the quarantine to give their final verdicts on issue 6!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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12 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.57: Karma to Ka-Zar

  1. I didn’t even realize it was Tuesday, so yay, an OHOTMU snuck up on me!

    Karma: I can see the “giant screw”, but I’m thinking it looks like she’s using a railroad crossing sign as a belt buckle! It weighs more than her! Her feet DO look weird. Comic artists have problems with feet.

    Karnak: Poor, hydrocephalic-headed Karnak. You almost had the ladies. Buy a ten-gallon hat.

    Karnilla: Did someone say Carmilla? I love me some Le Fanu, especially the Hammer adaptation, “The Vampire Lovers”. If you think SHE looks like she is in desperate need of some grooming, go check out Shakira (not that one) in Who’s Who!

    Ka-Zar: Other than the great Waid/Kubert run back in the 90s, Ka-Zar seemed a bit “meh” to me. He’s just. a bit TOO close to the Burroughs source material. Shanna and Zabu are much more interesting, even if Shanna is a super-thinly veiled rip-off of Sheena.

    The girls call out another bit of comic art most of us just take for granted: overly-muscled thighs. It’s baked into most of our brains.

    Fun show as always!

    1. Snuck up, but you’re still first to comment C-Franks!

      No one said Carmilla, instead, they talked about Carmina, a Quebec cinema original. It’s on YouTube for free in its entirety. Cult classic over here. And yes, I don’t know how Shakira passed the Comics Code Authority.

  2. Another fun episode including a near spit-take, laugh out loud moment. I can always count on this show to make me smile, even in these trying times.

    Karma – those are some oddly spindly feet, almost like a fawn’s hoof than a human foot. Never quite liked the power set. She always seemed to open up her main body to an attack while she concentrated on using the other person. I do love those bucket boots though.

    Karnak – his position looks like he is doing some sort of forbidden dance or flash mob. Never got over the big head, not sure why he needed that little character flourish. But I will never be able to look at him like some blustering French person. I am imagining him singing ‘Les Poissons’ from Little Mermaid.

    Karnilla – why is she loved by Rob and Shag from the network? Because she likes her men Balder. These costumes are both Kirby and Simonson at their peak. Like the headgear, but not as much as Hela’s.
    Her discussion included, perhaps, my favorite moment ever. When Shotgun said ‘I’ll say what no one else will say’ and then it was nothing that anyone was thinking … and what she was thinking … I nearly spit my coffee onto my laptop. Incredible. I don’t want to think of her fur miniskirt/shorts being what Shotgun thought they were. #bangbang

    Ka-Zar – never quite got into either Ka-Zar or Tarzan or the derivatives. Plunder seems a bit off-putting given the colonial/savior aspects of these sorts of characters that seems outdated.

    Can’t wait for next episode and the Sue Storm segment!!!

  3. Ah, Karnilla. One of the more interesting characters that Stan and Jack added to the mythos. Yes, I said added, because Karnilla and Nornheim are not part of Norse Lore. The Norns are, but those are the Norse version of the Three Fates. The actual Norns are known as “the weavers of destiny” and take the threads of our lives and weave them into the tapestry of reality (for more on that, read the bottom of this post: http://www.thehammerstrikes.com/2014/06/thors-day-thor-348.html).

    And if Shotgun was really thinking that about the fur, don’t show her a picture of Shakira from Warlord. 😉

  4. Dear Mike,

    A comic-book podcast that speculates about Karnak’s penis? It must be time for another installment of OHOTMU or Not, and I couldn’t be happier! Let’s get to it!

    Karma: Powers that are confusing and scary for the user, that’s what X-Men is all about!
    Speaking of mutant characters with poorly drawn feet, could you imagine if Shatterstar or Domino, as drawn by Rob Liefeld, were in the ’86 edition of OHOTMU? Your co-hosts would have a field day!

    Whenever the ladies asked if Karma was bitchy or depressed, I had Samuel Jackson asking “Does he look like a bitch?” in my head. You may want to keep that soundbite from Pulp Fiction around, Mike, for editing into a future show. It may come in handy!

    Karnak: Better than a fish and six-pack abs for days — sure makes Karnak a “hot” in my book! But you and I understand that it’s not the opinions of die-hard comics readers and fans that count here– and that’s why Gorgon is still the title-holder of “hottest inhuman” (at least until the ladies see Lockjaw)! Can’t wait until this show gets to the Medusa entry!

    Karnilla: Now here is why OHOTMU or Not is my favorite Fire and Water show! I love John Buscema’s run on Thor and I love drag shows. I never once thought to draw a line of comparison to them before now! Between the outlandish wardrobes worn by Karnilla, Hela, Baldur, and Odin, what if all of Asgard in the Marvel Universe was just a giant cosmic drag show? Brings a new meaning to the Rainbow Bridge, doesn’t it?

    Ka-Zar: Looks like Ka-Zar is doomed to join the ranks of Big Daddy, The Lone Ranger, and The Green Hornet as a hero overshadowed by a superior sidekick. Also, I appreciate thoughtful discussions about outdated colonial jingoism in popular fiction amidst all the crotch arrows and bulge talk!

    Issue 6 recap: I love the fact, amidst so many larger-than-life characters, that Rick Jones and Madison Jeffries got so much love and attention. It gives us normal guys hope as we strive to impress the normal and wonderful women in our lives!

    Excellent show and I look forward to more. I have a back catalogue of former shows on my home computer to play while stuck at home; they always give me a good laugh and some food-for-thought. Keep up the excellent work!

  5. Another excellent episode from the Hot Squad! Well done, everyone. These shows really bring a smile to my face every time they show up in my podcast feed. I came for the naughty jokes and stayed for the kangaroo and human baby gestational information. I hope everyone is doing well and safe during these crazy times!

    Karma – Sounded like a real f’neh. Just say the catchphrase!

    Karnak – “He has toughened every striking surface on his body”. That…… that is disturbing. How does a person go about doing something about like that? And EVERY striking surface? He does look super-ripped, though, so he has that going for him.

    Karnilla – I enjoyed this entire conversation for a character that I know nothing about. From sorceresses not wearing pants to a temperate crotch, I learned a whole lot from the ladies’ talk. And I do have a serious question, what’s the point of having a skirt(?) so sheer? I don’t get it, but maybe I’m not supposed to. Fashion is not my strong suit.

    Ka-Zar – It was nice to hear that a well-muscled, naked man doesn’t automatically get a “Hot”. His close-up face from the second page looks like a long-haired Kirk Douglas to me. He could have played Ka-Zar right after Spartacus.

    I never thought I would have had to bring this up but I had an art teacher who taught the class the difference between nude and naked (based on looking at Renaissance paintings), to your question about can you be naked with socks on. Apparently, nude is a state of being where clothes are never considered or not natural. Naked is when clothes are the normal state but not fully present. My art teacher would have said yes, you can be naked with socks on. To me, it sounded like my art teacher was trying to explain the shame we feel when caught with our pants down.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Great episode- perfect for smog check time passing.
    Karma (Sling with Jericho in NTT) was part of one of my first “deep moral” comic book discussions. As I felt (and still feel) there are some serious moral issues with possession.

  7. I’m a bit surprised that the girls were so “meh” on Ka-Zar. I have a friend who dabbles in comics reading now but only bought one growing up….and it was a Ka-Zar. I tease her that she only bought it because it starred a scantily clad dude. No judgement, though. That was back in the pre-internet days when VCRs were still very uncommon. That was even before OHOTMU. We had to find our hot somewhere.

    Also glad to hear one of the girls mention Madame Hydra/Viper again. She was one of those bad girls that I hated because she was a Nazi but found her alluring anyway, especially as drawn by Jim Steranko.

    Oh, and for concluding the issue and picking who was the hottest person in it. I know no one cares about my opinion, but I go with Sue Storm Richards aka The Invisible Girl aka The Invisible Woman aka Malice, Mistress of Hate and probably a few more aka-s. For me, she may be the hottest woman in the Marvel Universe, period. Love me some Sue!

  8. Maybe Karma being so slim helps her blend into her surroundings. Sort of a Karma Chameleon? Hah? Hah? (Yes, I thought of that before hearing the sound clip, Siskoid.)

    Karnak’s not-gloves are really similar to Juggernaut’s hand-bands. And both in the same issue. I have no idea why anyone would wear those. “My palms must be FREE!”

    Karnilla’s fur shorts: Ok, I know none of you would remember Astra from the Imperial Guard earlier in this issue, but just because she might have had extraordinary body hair doesn’t mean that’s the case for every fur accessory. Fur sure.

    It’s nice they gave Zabu’s human friend an entry.

    Another episode of serious laughs. Thanks, hot squad!

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