oHOTmu or NOT Ep.6: Armadillo to Asgardians

An armor-plated wrestler. A man with a TV in his chest. A mythical land accessible via a rainbow. Minor gods and goddesses. Which are Hot, and which are Not? The girls weigh in!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), Amélie (MeliUltraViolet), and Shotgun.

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16 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.6: Armadillo to Asgardians

  1. Napoleon’s battle plan: “Show up and then see what happens.”

    Isabel’s plan: “Say words and then see what happens.”

    HOT or NOT Girls be raising the stakes!

    1. In the continuing saga of “which girl is which?”, I believe it was her sister Nath who said it. 😉

  2. I simply cannot predict what the girls are going to say. Case in point, the affection aimed at the first entry: “Armadillo? He’d always be the big spoon…” I could practically hear the cartoon hearts floating in the studio!

  3. I’m so happy the girls are not shallow and predictable with their hot-or-not evaluations. They famously reject the Angel, but make sweet “AWWW” sounds over Armadillo. Good for you girls.

    The discussion about Arnim Zola staring at their chests was the best bit of the episode, in an episode full of great bits.

    I can’t wait to hear the girls review Captain America. I think we can already book ol’ Steve in the hot spot.

    You’re killing it girls, KILLING IT!!! You’re okay too, Siskoid.


  4. As usual, I’ll tackle the Norse stuff. Since you asked for a pronunciation guide for the None Worlds, here you go.

    Asgard = Az-Guard (Home of the Aesir (A-Zeer), or the main tribe of gods)

    Vanaheim = Van-A-Hi-Mm (Home of the Vanir (Van-Ear), once an enemy of the Aesir, now a friendly tribe of gods)

    Alfheim = Alf-Hi-Mm (Home of the Light Elves. Kind of like the Tolkien Elves)

    Nidavellir = Nid-A-Vell-Ear (Home of the Dwarves)

    Midgard = Mid-Guard (Earth)

    Jotunheim = Yo-Ton-Hi-Mm (Home of the Frost Giants)

    Svartalfheim = Ss-Vart-Alf-Hi-Mm (Home of the Dark Elves, like Malakith from Thor: The Dark World)

    Hel = Hell (Home of the Dead that are not honored or dishonored. Yes, Christians stole the name from the Norse)

    Niffleheim = Niff-El-Hi-Mm (Home of the Dishonnored Dead, basically Oath Breakers & Murders. Also one of the two primeval worlds.)

    Muspelheim = Muh-Spell-Hi-Mm (Home of the Fire Giants, lead by Surter. The other primeval world)

    Let me know if you need any more info. I think I know a little bit about Norse stuff. 😉

    1. OK, just for completeness, here are the Asgardian names.

      Heimdall = Hi-Mm-Daal

      Frigga = Frig-Ah (Oustide of Marvel, her name is just “Frigg”)

      Idunn = Ee-Done (She is sometimes considered as another aspect of Freya)

      Hoder = Hoe-Der

      Sigyn = Sig-In

      Tyr = Teer (He should have his right hand missing, as that’s the one that got put into Fenrir’s mouth. See “The Hammer Podcasts! Episode 13 – http://twotruefreaks.com/media/podcasts/TheHammerPodcasts/mp3/THP-Episode013.mp3)

      Volla = Vole-Ah

      Hermod = Hair-Mode

      Frey = Fray (Unlike in the Marvel Universe, Frey is Norse Mythology is one of the chief gods to be worshiped, right up there with Odin & Thor)

      Vidar = Vee-Dar

  5. Not sure when this was recorded, but by the time it aired an Australian iTunes review had been sitting there for over a week.

    This episode was a bloody hoot!

  6. Thanks you ladies and gents, for another peach of a podcast. I have to say, though, seven great minds and not one of you knows how to pronounce ‘gel’ as in ‘posh totty’? I, so not inviting you to the next Holyroodhouse garden party.

    Who does Yggdrasil look to be wearing a tutu? Loincloths are so much more enticing, so it is indeed Hermod for the win. Tyr, with that carefully placed sword, is far too obvious.

    They weren’t directly compared, but the conclusion is inescapable, you reckon Armadillo is more attractive than Angel. Dear oh dear.

  7. I adored the yo-yoing reaction to armadillo. From “awwww how cute” to “oooooh his wife got better” to “aaaaaah she left him!” in a matter of seconds.

    And if any of them ever do cosplay as an Asgardian I’m hoping you’d be kind enough to share that with us. Remember: Pics or it didn’t happen!

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