Pod Dylan #92 – My Back Pages


Episode 92 - My Back Pages

Rob welcomes fellow BobCat Tom JJ Wood to discuss "My Back Pages" from 1964's ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DYLAN.

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7 responses to “Pod Dylan #92 – My Back Pages

  1. It was actually Another Side that sparked the first backlash from the folk movement. I want to say the magazine was called Sing Out or something, but they criticized Dylan’s new direction in writing more personal songs. And that criticism is what prompted Johnny Cash to defend Dylan, I think he wrote in to the magazine

  2. I hear the 30th Anniversary jam on Tom Petty radio a lot, and really dig it. One of my favorite Dylan songs…from a guy who is nowhere nearly as versed in his work as every other guest and listener you have. But still, I really like this one!


  3. Pretty sure that the reason for the discrepancy regarding when it was first played live is because on the ’78 tour the band played an instrumental version of My Back Pages before Dylan came out on stage. He didn’t actually sing the song on that tour, as far as I know. I could stand to be corrected though.

  4. Nice episode. Eric is right I think. The opening song on that ’78 tour was an instrumental with just a brief vocal of “i was so much younger then, I’m older than that now” from the back up singers right at the end. I really like the version on 6/11/88, interesting that he pulled it out 3 shows into the “never ending tour”. Neil Young also played guitar with Dylan that night I believe. One of Dylan’s timeless songs for sure.

  5. Love the episode as I have with all of them. However the comment regarding this song transitioning Dylan away from finger pointing music seems a little off the mark considering it’s alright ma was released on the following album. Now I’m nit picking, keep up the great work, love the show!!

  6. I went camping for the weekend with some friends fifteen years ago after I had recently bought the 30th anniversary album and had been driving all my friends crazy with repeated listenings.

    By the end of a chilly night camping we were all singing “But I was so much colder than, I warmer than that now”
    Still stuck in my head years later whenever I hear the song.

    Keep up the great work I love this podcast!

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