Super Mates Episode 32: The Starman Chronicles, Part 2

Chris and Cindy journey back to Opal City, and beyond, to examine Starman #4-6. Jack Knight settles into his role of Starman, but learns that weirdness follows him wherever he goes. A chance encounter with a magical Hawaiian shirt leads to a confrontation with a gunman…and a resolution no super hero fan saw coming.

Then Jack has a chat with his brother David…who is dead. The two Knight boys bury the hatchet…and re-bury some bodies as their discussion leads to a full-blown Cosmic Rod slobberknocker.

Things settle down a bit, so Jack delves into the Shade’s Journal, for our first of many trips into “Time’s Past”.

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Next time: We Wonder-Spin into DC’s brand-spankin’ new Wonder Woman ’77 Special, based on the classic Lynda Carter TV series. Plus, the second season premiere episode is discussed, where Princess Diana enters the disco era!

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