Super Mates Episode 4: Star Trek- All Our Yesterdays

Space…the Final Frontier…for geekery! Join Chris and Cindy as the beam into the 23rd century! First they explore the strange new world known as the Lexington Comic Con, where they meet none other than Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner! The Captain is commanding a much smaller vehicle these days!

As we travel at warp speed, the Franklins discuss how they got into Star Trek, and of course debate which version of Trek is best (like there is any real debate?).

Then it’s on to our Prime Directive, commentary on the classic Star Trek Season 3 episode “All Our Yesterdays”. Kirk’s loins get him into trouble once again, and Spock and McCoy blindly follow him into danger. While trapped in a dying planet’s frozen past, Spock goes out of his Vulcan mind, and finds love with the time-tossed (and of course, scantily-clad) Zarabeth…while Bones becomes a true Spock-Blocker!

We wrap things ups with our resident librarian Cindy giving you a Captain’s Log on two follow-ups to this classic episode, the Trek novels “Yesterday’s Son” and “Time for Yesterday”.

So prepare yourself and leap through the Atavachron into podcasting adventure!

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Next time, we dig into our toy chest, and wax nostalgic about our favorite toys of the 1980s!

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