Superman Movie Minute – Trailer


In this second "teaser" episode,  Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly take a look at the full theatrical trailer for SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE!

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6 responses to “Superman Movie Minute – Trailer

  1. My appetite is WHET!!!

    Nice comment about Superman essentially being a disaster movie, I’d never thought of that before but it fits the 70s perfectly. And it’s one of the reasons Spider-Man Homecoming sort of recalls Superman the Movie in tone.

    1. Yeah, it took me dozens of watches until I really saw the Irwin Allen influence on SUPERMAN. As disaster films petered out, some sort of spectacle needed to replace them. Superhero movies didn’t quite pick up the mantle immediately, but it was close.

  2. I”ve often wondered what Star Wars’ influence was on Superman: The Movie, which I assume to be negligible, as the movie was well into filming as SW was hitting theaters in the Summer of ’77 (I lived a half-hour from “Smallville”). However, I believe SW did influence the packaging and marketing (John Williams – duh), bit I think the trailer cutting was definitely focusing on the space scenery and the black impressed titles. Since Hackman’s character had no iconic look and no dark helmet, there was no reason to show. The Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Time couldn’t compete with the gloss of Darth Vader, so they didn’t try.

    I love this show, and look forward to the future. Up, Up and Away!

  3. Have either of you seen the other teaser trailers? There was one like Chris talks about where there was a shot of Clark standing in the cornfield with a voice over talking about the actors and who they were playing. It’s pretty epic and included the Superman theme towards the end where they recycled the footage shot from the nose of an airplane.

    There’s another one where the narrator has some fun with epic nature of the trailers.

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