The Power Records Podcast Episode 9: Batman!

In this episode of THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, hosts Rob Kelly and Chris Franklin discuss two Batman audio adventures, “Gorilla City” and “The Mystery of the Scarecrow Corpse.” We wrap up with your Listener Feedback!

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One response to “The Power Records Podcast Episode 9: Batman!

  1. These two stories, along with “Robin Meets Man-Bat” & “The Catwoman’s Revenge” were some of my favorite Batman stories when I was a kid. This was my first exposure to Gorilla Grodd since I wasn’t reading The Flash back then. I was really thrilled when he showed up as part of the Legion of Doom a year or two later. Grodd and Gorilla City will always be a part of the Batman Mythos to me. And I am positive that “The Mystery of the Scarecrow Corpse” is a big reason for me becoming a Sherlock Holmes fanatic at a very young age. That and seeing Hammer’s version of THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee on Channel 11.
    Like Chris I’ve often fantasized about a Batman & Sherlock Holmes movie starring Adam West & Peter Cushing, with Andre Morell as Dr. Watson, and Burt Ward as Robin, who has been kidnapped by Christopher Lee as Ras al Ghul & Caroline Munro as Talia in a Hammer Films production of “Daughter of the Demon” directed by Freddie Francis. That would’ve been the BEST MOVIE EVER!
    I’m only a recent listener to your podcast but you’ve got me hooked. I had quite a big collection of Power Records, Treasury Editions and Blue Ribbon Digests back in the ’70s and early ’80s, so your many podcasts are just the thing to get my nostalgia sense tingling.
    I hope to be a loyal listener for many years to come.

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