Tough Like a Girl #29 – Battle Angel Alita Vol. 1: Rusty Angel

The movie is out, so Lis and Nathaniel go to the source to see how this started.

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3 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #29 – Battle Angel Alita Vol. 1: Rusty Angel

  1. First, I enjoyed your coverage of Battle Angel Alita, both the manga and the movie. I have to admit that I skipped the movie in theaters, because I assumed it would be a poorly done adaptation. So, I was glad to hear that it’s worth watching, and I will give it a try when I can get hold of it on DVD.

    Second, over the course of the last year, I’ve started watching Twitch streams of tabletop RPG sessions, and they can be a lot of fun to watch. Now that I think of it, it was a mention of these Twitch streams on one of Siskoid’s podcasts that got me into them. Thanks, Siskoid. Regardless, if you don’t want to spend time figuring out Twitch, a lot of these streamers post their old episodes on YouTube. I haven’t come across the Rat Queens stream, but I am familiar with another strong female led RPG stream called Sirens of the Realms. It’s a DnD campaign that follows an all girl bard band as they tour across the Forgotten Realms.

    Third, and finally, I’m looking forward to your coverage of Captain Marvel. I took my wife and daughter to see the movie on opening weekend, and they both loved it. My daughter, in particular, has become a big fan of the character. Though, I don’t know who she loves more, Captain Marvel or Goose the cat?

  2. Manga on the whole is something I haven’t collected. Not avoided, just never made the plunge. But in a way, it helps financially to keep away from *some* books, know what I mean?

    But boy, the artwork for Alita is excellent! It’s added to my Comixology wish list for the next big sale. (Have I mentioned that you punchers have too much power over me? Ahem!)

    Ah, Captain Marvel. I can’t wait to hear you both on that. Quick take: my daughters and I enjoyed it bunches of punches. (Subtle, that’s me.) Till next time!

  3. I liked the movie, but it was definitely a “Part 1”. I didn’t think a CG creation would stand up for the length of a film like that, but Alita was amazingly expressive and touching. Interesting to hear how it was adapted from the page, thanks guys.

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