Tough Like a Girl #31 – The Prince and the Dressmaker

This get a bit personal in the episode as Lis and Nathaniel take a look at a story about a prince who just wants to wear a dress.

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3 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #31 – The Prince and the Dressmaker

  1. Preemptive excited cheer for DC Bombshells, my favorite recent DC property! So I absolutely adored the Prince and the Dressmaker and didn’t have any of the reservations either of you did. I am glad you covered it, though. I fully encourage more queer and romantic reads – love only makes you stronger! (And Happy Pride!)

  2. What a fascinating story! Growing up is hard enough for everyone, trying to figure out who you really are. The extra burden of already knowing who you are, and knowing that others won’t accept it, heartbreaking. The Prince/Lady going through that makes for a great graphic novel, it’s going on my LONG list of to-read items, all the moreso from it sounding so true to you, Nathaniel/Vera.

    Also gotta say, I’m psyched you’re doing Bombshells. I bought a few on Comixology sales, but haven’t gotten around to reading them. Course it’ll be just my luck, I won’t have the exact series you cover, but I can hope.

    “Thanks” for increasing my reading list even more, punchers. Sigh. Till next time!

  3. I said I was looking forward to a change of pace, and you gave it to me in spades. I truly enjoyed and appreciated your candid discussion of this graphic novel, particularly when you, Nathaniel, shared about the parts of this story that rang true with your own experiences.

    This sounds like a good book to help expand my daughter’s horizons when it comes to thinking about gender identity. Heck, I need to make sure that I read this book to help increase my own awareness and sensitivity. Thanks for covering this.

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