For All Mankind 47

Rob and Super Friend Gabriel Hardman discuss "The Demons From The Green Hell" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Romeo Tanghal, and Vince Colletta from SUPER FRIENDS #47! Plus Listener Feedback!

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14 responses to “For All Mankind 47

  1. Another fun episode. I’m glad there is at least one more of these (or maybe 3 to get to episode 50) scheduled to appear.

    My best guess on what the final episodes will cover: an in depth analysis and discussion of the various incarnations of the theme songs used over the lifetime of the cartoon. And this will be used, Green Fury style, as a back door pilot to launch the next podcast about all great television theme songs.

    So many possible tie ins:

    Ted Knight did the voiceover for the Super Friends theme, so naturally you would include the theme song to that iconic, groundbreaking TV show he was part of “Too Close for Comfort”. I’m *positive* that’s when he became a famous actor.

    Or, Casey Kasem, the voice of Robin, was also an iconic part of a classic cartoon with five main characters traveling around, solving mysteries with a fun theme song: “Battle of the Planets”. Oh yeah, and one of them talked funny.

    Believe it or not, this idea has me waking on air.

    1. …and since Deborah van Valkenburgh also starred in both “Too Close for Comfort” and “The Warriors,” that’s a great opportunity also tie the excellent theme song for that movie, which was written by Barry De Vorzon, who also composed the theme music for “Simon & Simon.” I agree, that would be an awesome show…

  2. You have to love the cover advertising a “full-length 25 page novel!” in this issue. I was sure that this was one that I missed back in the day, but then you started talking about the creature made up of the different animal parts and something clicked. I am sure that this is where I learned about tapirs, peccaries, and caymans … or caymen? As best I can remember, Green Fury’s appearances in these comics were my first clue that Brazil was a little different from other South American countries because of the Portuguese rather than the Spanish influence. And yes, it is a good thing that Bea no longer propels herself into flight via sneezing or blowing her nose.

    Also, your discussion of the difficulty of finding certain issues of certain titles back then resonated with me. I grew up in Appalachia in a very small town and bought comics off the spinner rack at our local newscenter. And sometimes, I did miss issues of my favorites like All-Star Squadron. When I was in high school, probably
    in 1987 or so, the newscenter closed and I was forced to pick up scattered issues from Waldenbooks at a mall one hour away from home. I was able to subscribe to a few titles as well (DC Challenge–you guys should do something about that series at some point if you haven’t already, Infinity Inc., and Legion).

    I didn’t set foot in a comics shop until I was at least in college and didn’t start buying regularly from one until after I was out of college. Thanks for a fun look at one of my favorite childhood series and I’m glad to hear that you will be doing a few more episodes at least.

  3. Welcome to the podcast Gabriel, you were great!

    This issue’s story really felt similar to the Super Friends episodes from the first season. A well intentioned individual goes too far with their plan, but then relents when the Super Friends point out the error of their ways. I doubt that it’s what E.N.B. intended, but I’ll take it!

    Regarding not finding an expected issue at the newstand because it was cancelled – this story is kinda sorted related to that.
    Each year I looked forward to getting the new Rudolph treasury when I was a kid. When they stopped producing treasuries I figured that I’d never get another Rudolph book ever again. Imagine my surprise when my beloved digest series – The Best Of DC – printed a Rudolph digest in issue #4!
    FANTASTIC! That meant that every year I’d be getting a Rudolph digest!
    Well, the digest when on for another 6 years, but we never got another Rudolph digest – but we did get 2 other Christmas themed digests, so I took some comfort in THAT!

  4. Canceled? Then how will we ever find out what became of the third Futurio clone?

    My guess for the last shows has to include dccp #46, which is what brought the Global Guardians into DC continuity (see also Santa Claus and He-Man)

    I didn’t have many books canceled out from under me, especially as a surprise, which would mean pre-crisis/pre-Diamond Previews. I only read Superman Family sporadically, Batman Family not at all, Superboy got to go out with a special and advance knowledge. Maybe TDNASupergirl?

    Wait, there was one; Adventure Comics. (Technically it lived on as a digest, but really…) I was the one reader who was mostly reading that title for Starman.

  5. Oh, well, we knew this day would come. Both you and Gabriel did a good job sending the series off. I’ll be interested to see what the next episode will cover (maybe DC Comics Presents #46?), and if you’ll indeed push the show to fifty episodes.
    And after that, I guess it’s own to the Spidey Super Stories cast or, since it seems to have come up several times in the last few episodes, the All Star Squadron Cast. Yep, I can see a promising future for the A.S.S. Cast…

    1. I second the idea of covering DC Comics Presents #46. The more Global Guardians, thr better! And I was also thinking about Spidey Super Stories, which introduced me to a large chunk of the Marvel Universe.

  6. Great episode with a great guest.

    Seeing that letter column just pulling the rug out from under the reader was crazy. ‘Sorry, this is the last issue.’ Not much of a send-off!

    As for next episodes – clearly there is some giveaway prize attached. But I am hoping for a table read of an issue or episode!

    Thanks for this show. It sure has given me an appreciation for this book! And glad I could rep the Black Orchid and Supergirl issues!

  7. I’ve enjoyed this podcast from the beginning — it’s gone by fast. I bought most the issues as they came out but the cover for this last issue stands out in my memory the most. Maybe I looked at it more often because there were no more issues. I was thinking that I didn’t know at the time that this was the last issue and that I kept looking for more issues, but I must have read the letters page and known this was it.

    Anyway, the Superfriends cartoon and comic book were big parts of my childhood, as I’m sure they were for many of your listeners. So thanks for this walk down memory lane the last few years. I’m looking forward to your extra episodes in the coming months.

  8. I echo Bucky749’s comments, Rob and Gabriel, and I look forward to the next episode. I know it will be…Special. Whatever story you cover, I hope they don’t make Superman carry the Super Friends!

  9. Great show, Rob and Gabrielle.

    Well, that’s it. This comic series really ended with a… dead guy? DC really nailed it ending this beloved series with issue 47.

    But enough complaining, it was a really fun run. Maybe it’s for the best that it’s over because I was running out of musical duo names.

    But, hey, Aquaman got some stuff to do:
    Okay, our last adventure! Maybe I’ll get some cool stuff to do. I’m sure the other Super Friends wouldn’t call me in from running ¾ of the planet for something trivial. What is this? A birthday party for the purple Carpenters? Thanks for a heads up, Superman. Now I’m the asshole for not bringing a gift. Oh, thank god, it’s the troubalert. And now we’re heading to the Amazon. This humidity is not going to do my hair any favors. Now we have to stand in the middle of the jungle and listen to greeny tell us her sob story. That’s what brunches are for, lady. It’s hotter than the sun out here! At least I get to fight a water guy. Finally, I get my moment to shine! And Donny Osmond just froze him solid. I’m gonna feed this kid to a crocodile. Everyone else got cool moments. Batman and Robin got to fight dinosaurs, and Superman and Wonder Woman got to fight plant versions of the Almond Brothers. But, not me… okay, now who is this old guy in bed? Oh, we’re all naming our gods, okay, “Neptu…” nope, nobody asked me. So, we came out here so some old dead guy could tell us to do good? Wow, thanks, smart guy. I’m a freakin’s super hero. That’s our missin statement! Are we just supposed to just stand here? THIS is our last issue? Unreal… maybe my weed gut can meet me in Rio.

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