Fire and Water Records: Soundtrack Selections 2

Soundtrack Selections returns with more music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack to Fire and Water Records! This time, Ryan Daly welcomes network all-star Siskoid to share more favorite songs from movie soundtracks. Siskoid brings some international hits to the program, as well as some alternative rock jams, and the first 007 song to Soundtrack Selections. Ryan counters with a French song of his own, as well as more tracks that link to specific and memorable scenes from the movies he loved.

Track list

  1. "Hey" by The Pixies from Zack and Miri Make a Porno
  2. "Best of My Love" by The Emotions from Boogie Nights
  3. "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney & Wings from Live and Let Die
  4. "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler from Footloose
  5. "Take My Breath Away" by Sandy Lam Yik-Lin from As Tears Go By
  6. "After Dark" by Tito & Tarantula from From Dusk Till Dawn
  7. "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence from Daredevil
  8. "Red, Red Wine" by UB40 from Bringing Out the Dead
  9. "Let My Baby Ride" by Denis Lavant from Holy Motors
  10. "La Mer" by Julio Iglesias from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
  11. "Peaches" by The Stranglers from Sexy Beast

Additional music by Ray Parker, Jr.; The Soggy Bottom Boys; Whitney Houston; Prince; Will Smith; Madonna; Seal; Irena Cara.

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19 responses to “Fire and Water Records: Soundtrack Selections 2

  1. I was also probably introduced to the Pixies through their inclusion on Pump Up the Volume, which I saw theatrically. Alternately, it might have been “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” which I recall more vividly and with somewhat greater familiarity than their other singles that got play on the college rock station I adored around 1994. Probably because Nirvana got to me first, I favor them (slightly, even begrudgingly) more as album artists, and mostly appreciate Pixies as a greatest hits band. I’d never heard “Hey” before going on my first double date with Pakita (and Mr. & Mrs. Mac) to see Zack & Miri… I instantly fell for the song, and it’s my go-to sing-song when I’m testing the mic before recording solo projects. Most any Rolled Spine Podcast where I’m either alone or recording over the internet has a few lines of “Hey” cut out of the beginning of the recording.

    “Best of My Love” is one of those tunes I grew up around, mostly heard at get-togethers with my black friends’ parents. Pleasant enough, but it doesn’t belong to me. It’s somebody else’s boogie.

    Before I was especially interested in The Beatles, I was down with “Live and Let Die” from a James Bond singles collection cassette I played all the damned time in the mid-to-late ’80s (it ended with “All Time High” from Octopussy.) Back in 2012, I ranked in my #5 Bond song, but it’s among the worst of the films.

    I had the Footloose soundtrack on cassette after seeing it theatrically, but randomly, the movie I most associate with “Holding Out for a Hero” is the John Candy action-comedy vehicle Who Is Harry Crumb? It plays during the big chase at the climax, and even though it’s a lousy movie, the imagery imprinted. Obviously, it’s a great slice of bombastic ’80s cheese. Ditto the Berlin track. More of a “Sex (I’m A…) man myself.

    Again, I caught From Dusk Til Dawn theatrically, and thought it was a harrowing crime thriller that goes off the rails when the silly vampires show up. And I love atonal genre mash-ups. I really should have caught Tarantino’s foot thing by this point, but was too busy being grossed out by even Salma Hayek’s filthy foot going into his mouth. Mr. Fixit really loves the song and movie, at least partly out of Mexican pride. Two asides. Clooney’s part was written for John Travolta, who passed because he’s disinterested in vampires and took Michael Madsen’s role in Pulp Fiction instead. Salma Hayek didn’t know how to dance, so she just moved seductively and they edited the footage to make it look like she could.

    I definitely enjoyed Evanescence’s first album, but they couldn’t sustain. Daredevil sucked at an essential level with the miscast leads, but the Director’s Cut is mostly okay.

    I am not a big Scorsese fan, but Bringing Out the Dead is an exception, and possibly the only one of his movies I own on DVD. I have no recollection of any soundtrack cuts, and UB40 reminds me more of Sliver, a limp flick with a surprisingly solid soundtrack.

    My ex-girlfriend lost my DVD of Sexy Beast in a storage unit default. I dig it as a rental, and Fixit used a discounted copy to pay the remainder of a not-so-great trade for my old Playstation in the early ’00s. I wanted to show it to Pakita early in our relationship, but never did, and it never seems to be streaming when I think of it. Fixit likes “Peaches” and “Golden Brown” exceptionally from Stranglers soundtrack contributions. Such a perfect swanky song to introduce the slovenly lead, over-tanning in Spain.

    1. God, I had completely forgotten about Harry Crumb but now I remember and I distinctly remember loving that scene on the airport tarmac with this song. Good call!

  2. I am only 20 minutes and 20 seconds into the podcast, but I had to pause to make a comment. At the 20 minute 14 second mark is possibly the single greatest edit I have ever heard in a podcast. Pat yourself on the back for that one, Ryan!

  3. Fun show guys, even though a good chunk of these I was totally unfamiliar with. “Live and Let Die” is my personal Batman/Ra’s Al Ghul soundtrack song. It’s not much of a leap since Ra’s is Bamtan’s Bond villain. I actually really like that film, and it’s probably my #2 Bond film after Goldfinger. That opening bit with the song is just flat awesome, and the song is my favorite non-Beatles McCartney song as well.

    “Holding Out for a Hero” was used with some super hero something…on an awards show, in a Macy’s Parade Float…something. I can’t place it. Or maybe I just envisioned it in my head, like the Batman/Ra’s thing above.

    I haven’t seen From Dusk Til Dawn in ages, but man, Ryan, you brought that Selma Hayek scene back into my mind. Yowza.


    1. Fact: Broccoli of Bond-fame was handed the completed Live and Let Die track by producer George Martin and thought it was just a demo!

    2. I don’t know about a super hero connection, but I associate ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ more with the short-lived show Cover Up than I do with Footloose.

  4. Well done on another great episode! I’m really digging this series as some of these songs are just stuck in my memory as part of the movies themselves and not as a separate musical single. Like they were all made just for these movies.

    I remember the song, “Live and Let Die” was just as big as the movie. It seemed like some of the movies tried real hard to make a hit single of the opening song but the popularity faded when the movie went away, but “Live And Let Die” seem to be that single that just kept getting played. Maybe that’s just on the popularity of Paul McCartney.

    And, oh man, Siskoid, you struck a chord with Evanescence. I remember when Daredevil came out, the band was just becoming super popular and that song was playing everywhere. I agree with you guys that Amy Lee’s voice is powerful and amazing. And though I saw Daredevil, I really associate this band with the movie Underworld, which I unabashedly love. Though I guess it’s not the band so much as it’s just Amy Lee with another band (according to the internet). Underworld’s soundtrack hit me at just the right age to enjoy all that heavy emo melancholy. Special shout out to David Bowie’s, Bring Me the Disco King remix.

    I can’t get enough of this series so I’m glad to hear that there will be more episodes! Keep up the great work!

  5. Great show Ryan! That’s really cool Siskoid lived above a record store and was a DJ. I bet there’s some good stories from that. I need to check out some more Stranglers.

  6. Magnolia is the best use of music in a soundtrack? Have you not seen Highlander or Flash Gordon? Or Help! or Hard Day’s Night? What’s Siskoid smoking over there?

    Great episode.

      1. Evanescence (or however it’s spelled) inclusion immediately renders your taste moot. Why not throw a Smashmouth song in there?

  7. Just a few of my random thoughts on some of these movie soundtrack songs.

    Live and Let Die: This is one of my favorite Bond songs, and the movie itself holds a special place in my heart. It’s the first thing my family recorded off of TV, after we bought our first VCR. As a result, it’s also the Bond film that I’ve watched the most times, which may have something to do with my initial statement about the song.

    Holding Out for a Hero: I had forgotten how much this song got around back in the day. I actually remember it, not from any of the movies mentioned previously, but from the 1988 film Short Circuit 2. It played during the climactic chase scene. In truth, that song and, by association, that scene are the only things I remember about that movie.

    Bring Me to Life: I first heard this song on the radio and fell in love with it, before I had a chance to watch Daredevil. When I found out that it was on the Daredevil soundtrack, it gave me another reason to want to see that movie, as if I needed one. To this day, I remain a fan of Evanescence. I don’t know how to classify their sound, but I like it, and have yet to find another group with a sound that really compares. Admittedly, I haven’t been actively searching for such a group.

    Thank you for another fine episode, gentlemen. You continue to increase my exposure to new and interesting music and movies.

  8. Love these “Soundtrack Selections”. I’m listening to episodes 2 and 3. A double album, if you wish.
    I was a teen in the 80’s, so I’m sure that I saw Footloose before watching Lois & Clark. Goofy as it is, I think I enjoyed it more over the costume fitting montage in the pilot. I also started listening to Evanescence because it was on the DD soundtrack.
    I became a big R&B/Soul fan after seeing/hearing B.B. King in the film Heart and Souls & Quantum Leap’s use of Ray Charles’ “Georgia on my Mind”.

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