FW Presents: Find Your Joy: SUB-MARINER #20

With Aquaman in movie theaters, FIND YOUR JOY with that other superhero from Atlantis, Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner! Ryan Daly shares the history of his weird attraction to Namor and reviews the Sub-Mariner's clash with Doctor Doom in SUB-MARINER #20.

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Music this episode: "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin; "La Mer" by Julio Iglesias.

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8 responses to “FW Presents: Find Your Joy: SUB-MARINER #20

  1. Fun show! I’ve never been a huge Namor fan, but I like him when he’s handled well. Although I’d seen his image before (on that World of Marvel cardboard playset, I think), the first time I really encountered him was in Amazing Spider-Man #211. From there, I watched him on reruns of the 60s Marvel Super Heroes cartoon, and my favorite media presentation of him, as a guest of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends in the episode “7 Little Super Heroes”. For some reason, I still recall Namor’s line when he takes a dip in what he thinks is a swimming pool full of water: “It’s ALCOHOL!!! It’s drying out my body…making me weak!!!” or something like that. So similar to this story in a lot of ways!

    John Buscema literally wrote (or drew) the book on How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way. This side of Kirby (and maybe Romita) his versions are still what I think of when I think of Marvel.

    Oh, and those Masterpiece cards were AWESOME. As is Joe Jusko, who is a really nice guy, and about as buff as Namor! Do you have the comic series reprinting them at full size?


  2. I first encountered Namor in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends where he jumps into a pool of alcohol and dries up!

    Thanks for playing Julio Iglesias’ version of Charles Trenet’s La mer at the end there. Shotgun and I listened to that song all the time when we were roomies, sometimes on a loop. We’re big fans.

  3. My first exposure to Sub-Mariner was in Marvel Two-in-One #28, which I got in a three pack. I was only six and, on first glance, I probably wondered why Mr. Spock was wearing green underwear. I did become a fan of the Thing after that issue. The only FF I read at that time was 183, another three-pack issue, and Ben wasn’t in it a lot. It mostly focused on Sue, Thundra and Tigra.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention. I didn’t have the Masterwork cards, but bought the comics which printed larger versions of them. Really great artwork in there.

  5. Wait! Can it be? Has the universal balance been shifted irreparably?

    Is Ryan Daly heaping praises on his arch-enemy (gasp) Roy Thomas?

    Will whole episodes of Secret Origins be retconned to reflect this new found love for Stan The Man’s heir apparent?

    Welcome to Earth-Two, where Thomas is the Continuity Crusader!!!

  6. I’ve always thought Namor was Aquaman if pushed too hard. That’s not to try and diminish the character, it’s just that Marvel was more willing to take some of their characters in the “anti-hero” direction than DC was. But like I mentioned in my MC episode, Namor is WAY more a powerhouse than Aquaman, a distinction that I always enjoyed.

    That artwork is, as you say, beautiful. Thanks for covering this book, it’s this kind of weird one-offs that makes FYJ so interesting.

  7. It’s hard to remember the absolute first time I read some characters. Namor was either reruns of the Marvel Super Heroes cartoon, or an FF Treasury Edition containing FF #6, which also would have been a possible first Doctor Doom story.

    I did read Super-Villain Team-Up just this year on Marvel Unlimited. That was some fun comics. Namor always intrigued me. My younger self kept trying to make him into Aquaman, and would be surprised when he didn’t act like he was part of the Super-Friends. I think finally reading a reprint of FF #4 cleared that up for good.

    Another great joy found and shared, Ryan!

  8. What an unusual choice, this issue sounds fascinating, I must seek it out. And this from a non-Namor fan… I first came across him pretending to be a Hollywood producer in FF and he seemed a right pillock*. Today, Marvel have destroyed the character completely – he recently threw the wonderfully costumed Stingray to hungry sharks – making Silver/Bronze Age gems all the more precious.

    * Pollock might be a tad more appropriate.

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