JLUCast 10 Image Gallery

Images and clips from “The Demon Within” and "A Knight of Shadows" Part 1 & 2

Images from Batman the Animated Series: The New Batman Adventures, "The Demon Within"

Tim Drake finds that Klarion isn't quite what he seems...and neither is his cat, Tekel!

Jason Blood gives Tim an Arthurian history lesson.

Tekel knocks Bruce around. This happens a lot in this episode!

TNBA's bulky, Hulk-like Etrigan rises!

Etrigan saves the super-tiny Bruce and Tim!

Bruce sees that Etrigan is beside himself!

Klarion has Etrigan under his power...and the Demon don't like it!

Klarion is quite disappointed by the lack of strawberry.

Batman has had enough Klarion's $#!+.

Etrigan breaks through Jason's magical barrier in a nicely realized SFX sequence.

The Dark Knight plays keep-away with the Witch Boy.

Etrigan and Jason put the act back together.

Klarion goes all Dragonball on Batman!

Batman: The Anime-ated series?

Klarion is sent to "his room".

Images from Justice League, "A Knight of Shadows", Part 1

At the fall of Camelot, Blood betrays his kingdom, and Morgaine betrays their love.

An angry Merlin puts one helluva curse on Jason.

Big Jack Attack!

No, Morgaine! Not Benny Hill!!!

Jason changes to Etrigan, tidy-whiteys first!

A very insensitive Etrigan disrupts J'onn's illusion of happiness.

Some...familiar faces show up at Hickman's party. Hey, is that...Goody Rickles?

"You stupid little man."

Surprised Diana doesn't cave Harv's skull in? Me too. But according to Cindy, it doesn't take long to figure out how to play a man.

Batman is injured, and it's all J'onn's fault!


Images from "A Knight of Shadows" Part 2

Batman awakens with powdered ribs. And hey, Bat-nipples! Thankfully, no Bruce Wang.

Paging Rob Kelly! UP with Forever People! Can you name the other Kirby characters in this scene? Don't expect me to do ALL the work, people!

Morgaine turns Harve into an even more hideous worm than before!

Diana struggles as Morgaine pulls the Power Brick to her!

Wait, how did we get into the CW Arrowverse all of a sudden?!?


An example of these episodes' better than usual animation and lighting effects!

Etrigan and Flash make a deadly Maelstrom!

Diana has had enough of Etrigan's $#!+.

These in-between shots can sometimes get down-right Looney Tooney.

Mordred auditions as casting director for Broadway's Beauty and the Beast.

J'onn makes like Nimoy and forces Etrigan in to Kim Catrall mode!

My'ria'h calls to J'onn one last time. Hey, who wouldn't answer Pam Grier's call?


Jason convinces J'onn that the Demon was wrong about him.




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