JLUCast Special Superman vs. Darkseid Gallery

Images from Superman: The Animated Series (STAS) "Tools of the Trade"

Bruno Manheim is about to find out just who's supplying Intergang with those super weapons...


Images from STAS "Father's Day"

Uh oh, Daddy ain't happy!

Superman meets Darkseid, and gets a taste of his Omega Beams.

Images from STAS "Apokolips...NOW!, Parts 1 and 2

Mother Box provides the backstory for New Genesis and Apokolips, including the baby-swap Pact.

Orion reveals he is the son of Darkseid, and the baby exchanged in the Pact.


Superman's Pals, Jimmy Olsen and Jack Kirb...er...Dan Turpin.

Another Superman/Christ allegory as Darkseid tempts him on the mountainside.

Not at all subtle, but effective.

Orion arrives with the New Genesis cavalry, including Big Barda and Metron.

The most shocking death in animated history? If not, it's up there!

Superman mourns the loss of his friend, Earth's Greatest Hero.

Images from STAS "Little Girl Lost' Parts 1 and 2

Supergirl reveals herself and takes Granny Goodness head-on.

Her first day on the job and she's taking on Darkseid, Granny, and the Female Furies!

The first time Superman gets to knock Darkseid on his stony butt, but not the last!


Images from STAS "Legacy" Parts 1 and 2.

The Supermandalorian?

We forgot to mention the brainwashed Superman is in a relationship with Lashina, not unlike Amazing Grace in the Legends crossover issues of the Superman titles, from the late 80s.

Superman's "new" backstory cleverly recreates images from the show's pilot and opening title sequence.

Super-treachery revealed to the world!

When Supergirl fails, only Lois can get through to the true Man of Steel.

Superman and Supergirl are captured by their own adopted government.

General Hardcastle is ready to administer the lethal injection, while Lex gloats.

Lois helps the Super-duo escape.

When Professor Hamilton refuses to help his former friend, Superman creates an even greater enemy who will plague him in Justice League Unlimited.

Those used to be Parademons. Superman straight up kills them with a blast of Heat Vision.

Stills from the epic showdown between the two hated foes.

Superman stops Darkseid's Omega Beams with his bare hands...

...which leaves Darkseid with one jacked-up face!

Superman briefly deposes Darkseid. But his enslaved people immediately take him back.

Lois stands by her man, and the two share their first kiss.


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  1. I was blown away by the 2-part Apokolips Now episode. I was especially impressed by the sensitivity shown by the DCU animation team when they showed Turpin’s funeral. It was one of the rare times that the Jewish faith has been portrayed in episodic TV animation.

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