Let’s Roll #17 Supplemental

Here are some images relevant to this episode of Let's Roll:

GURPS Time Travel was designed by Steve Jackson and John M. Ford. Cover art by John Zeleznik.

Some of the books connected to GURPS Time Travel:

The character sheets (2 styles, the first from the early 2000s, the last from a couple years ago when we picked the campaign back up):

The soundtrack is available as a YouTube playlist HERE and includes:
1. Time Tunnel - BT Express (Time Travel Theme)
2. Big Time - Peter Gabriel (Twelve's Theme)
3.  Time Tunnel Theme (Travel Theme)
4. Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper (Johnny's Theme)
5. Time Tunnel - Kosmonova (Danger Theme)
6. Nothing But a Good Time - Poison (Ace's Theme)
7. Dr. Who Theme (all-purpose)
8. Back in Time - Huey Lewis & the News (End theme)
9. Every Time You Go Away - Paul Young (Simone's Theme)
10. My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion (Titanic Theme)
11. Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles (Bonus track for unused adventure)
12. Jurassic Park Theme - Daniel Radcliffe (Willie's Back)

Credits: Community's "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons", starring Jonathan Banks, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Joel McHale; "Time Tunnel" by B.T. Express; "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" by Jay Roach, starring Mike Myers; the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon's "Day of the Dungeon Master", starring Don Most and Sidney Miller; and "Time Tunnel" by Kosmonova.

All ready? Let's roll!