oHOTmu or NOT Ep.16: Bushmaster to Cannonball

Yet another snake guy. A character from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The leader of the Morlocks. A mutant who can’t exactly fly. Which are Hot, and which are Not? It’s up to our panel!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), Amélie (AmyUltraViolet, on the femail bag only) and Shotgun.

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15 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.16: Bushmaster to Cannonball

  1. Yes, Cannonball is pretty much a young Chris Franklin. Nice one Siskoid! 😉

    Well, I’m more from Central Kentucky (Lexington area), but I’ve been to Cumberland many times. Birthplace of KFC! I was never much of an X-Men guy growing up (found the books impenetrable), but once I learned Cannonball was from Kentucky, I kind of felt I had a kindred spirit in comics somewhere, even if he did sometimes reinforce Kentucky stereotypes. Of course lately, so has the majority of the state. Sigh.

    The instantaneous laughter over Bushmaster got my day off to a great start, so thanks girls. You may be interested to know DC has a minor hero named Bushmaster in their Global Guardians team. He looks like a salamander, and has really long, suction-cupped fingers. Make of that what you will.

    Caliban (looking a bit more normal) showed up in X-Men: Apocalypse, but I think everyone’s already forgotten that movie.

    Thanks again for never failing to entertain!


  2. Bushmaster is super scary looking, he just needs a better name.

    The girls “awww” response to Siskoid describing Caliban’s life as an outcast warmed my heart.

    Always love this show,

  3. I am always interested in what the crew would think of other incarnations of the same characters.

    I’m no Marvel guy, but I think at one point Caliban becomes a massive Hulk-like being. Would this form make him hotter or notter? I think his backstory is the draw … but is a sad backstory of a bodybuilder as sympathetic?

    And this is also vague memories for me, but I thought an X-fan once told me that Calisto was in fact stunningly beautiful and had this look only as a glamour.

    Also, would the weird 90s, jacketed and WW1 Red Baron helmet look of Cannonball be endearing? Or weird.

    I understand that we are looking at OHOTMU, so I guess these questions are meaningless. Sorry …

    Wonderful episode as always. This always brings a smile to my face.

  4. As I go through my collection of issues on 90s Comics Retrial (shameless plug) I have to wonder about the ladies’ takes on later visual revamps of these characters. Because thanks to the 90s my own first images are of an overmuscled Caliban and Cannonball with gorgeous flowing locks rather than that awful flat top. Or looking either further down the timeline, how would they have felt about that time when Callisto had tentacles instead of arms (which might even still be the case, but I’d have to do research to find that out and there’s no way that’s happening.)

    1. Nathaniel, Anj,

      I had a nefarious plan* for the 20th episode, and you’re sort of pushing me even further in that direction. All I can say then is STAY TUNED.

      *Beyond the girls’ plan to have Sangria on hand.

  5. Ok, this is going to come across as really judgey, but screw it. I think Caliban is leaning into the pathetic thing a bit too hard. I mean, there’s genuine reasons to feel sorry for the guy. But then he’s in rags with massive puppy dog eyes and I’m just left thinking “you don’t know how to relate to anybody other than to make them feel sorry for you.” I suspect I’d try to cheer him up only to find that he’s embraced being a sad sack too completely to ever shake him out of it and then I’d have to bail for my own sanity. I mean, he’s got rags around his feet. That’s not out of necessity. He chose to do that to feed the image. I’m pretty sure all the other Morlocks have shoes, heck Callisto’s kicking it all fashionable with her little heels.

    Speaking of which, I’m crushing on Callisto so damn hard it’s kind of embarrassing. Like in that total middle school “oh my god, is she looking at me? No, she’d never look at me, she’s too cool and sexy for me” sort of way.

    Also, Bushmaster… *snickers.*

    P.S. – In regards to comments on the comments: yes Siskoid, Eric Roberts was the worst Master. #NotMyMaster

    1. I dunno, I don’t think Caliban is playing for sympathy, he seemed beaten down, manipulated; he seems to have learning difficulties. If ever there were a mutant the X-Men should have rescued, it’s this vulnerable man-child.

  6. Chris Claremont did rather miss a trick by not making all the Morlock names literary references – like the world’s most evil reading group.

    Actually, we – that’s me and my chap Steve – are coming to Canada, on a cruise next autumn, but not for the deer – we have deer in Scotland. Also Highland cows, I posted a pic to the Fire and Water Twitter account.

    I love the idea of an orangutanarang!

    If the ladies are ghosts, how about changing the name of the podcast to Haunt or Not?

    What, pray tell, is ‘room tone’? Collective sweating?

    What’s that about me being harsh, Mike? Tut. Anyway, let’s look at this episode. Or maybe, not, as it means at least glancing at the truly risible Bushmaster, a cross between a hole punch and a trouser press. Or Caliban, who needs a good meal. Or Calisto, who’s even uglier on the inside than her harsh exterior. Or Cannonball…

    … oh hang on, I love Cannonball, especially when he has the vintage pilot goggles on. He’s not hot though, being a stick insect whose best feature is his cute sticky-out ears.

    Once again, there’s no one worth a date here – it’s scary loon, damaged soul, vicious cow and jailbait hayseed. Bring on the Caps.

    1. They are going to think that haunt pun is hilarious!

      Room tone: So I can filter out the fridge and highway later, I ask everyone to maintain 5-10 seconds of silence before we start. It’s just as difficult as you imagine.

      Where are you going in Canada? It’s a big place!

  7. Really enjoyed this episode! This girls hysteria over Bushmaster nearly rivaled the insanity of their Boomerang coverage (single funniest moment of this podcast history so far)! And you all thought so much more deeply about Caliban than I ever did. Impressive! The girls really made me feel sorry for him!! And poor Cannonball! I was sure one of the girls would go all, “Thank you, Mrs Robinson” for this young guy. Oh well.

    Keep up the amazing work! I love this podcast so much! The girls make comics fun again!

    The Irredeemable Shag
    The Co-Founder of the Fire & Water Podcast Network (not that you’d ever know based upon the voluminous credit Siskoid gives Rob each episode, and conversely my name barely gets mentioned).

    PS: More wine while recording!!

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