Power of Fishnets 19: Wouldn’t You Rather Talk About Superman and Batman?

Ryan Daly welcomes special guest Michael Bradley to review the Superman and Batman team-up from World's Finest #207. Hang on! Isn't this show supposed to be about Zatanna? Don't worry, she's in the story. You may have to squint but she's there. Also, listener feedback from last episode.

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12 responses to “Power of Fishnets 19: Wouldn’t You Rather Talk About Superman and Batman?

  1. Nice to hear Michael Bradley covering Superman and Batman again. I really miss that podcast.

    I like Dick Dillin, but Joe Giella really softens up his art here. I prefer him inked by Dick Giordano or Frank McLaughlin, someone with a harder, crisper style.

    This story proves Len Wein was no slouch in the compressed plot department. WOW! A trade paperbacks worth of story going on here. It’s not quite Zany Haney level, but it’s approaching it.

    Given both Light’s and Zatanna’s roles in Identity Crisis, and it’s eventual fallout across the DC line, I can’t help but think of that story. And I hate thinking of that story. Thanks Meltzer.

    Great episode!


    1. As an old school Justice League fan I was a big fan of Dick Dillin, especially when inked by Frank McLaughlin. The male heroes looked strong and powerful while the female heroes looked strong and powerful as well as beautiful.

      I do however agree that sometimes his artwork could look a little wooden.

      Another great episode Ryan.

  2. This story is where I first met Zee. I mean Eve. I was a big fan of Dollar comics and this came off the spinner rack for me.
    Great show,

    1. Although I do think I remember Zee going by Eve, in a Superman Family.

      And I know I paid a dollar for this story it’s where I met Zee, but no it’s .25 on the cover of my issue.
      I remember this story, I remember arguing with my cousin about how I paid to much. I own the comic, but it’s obvious that it’s from a comic store as it has the tags.

      My entire “I discovered Zatana, because of a few panels in the comic I argued value over” story is looking falling apart.

  3. A whole episode based on two panels? At this rate the show can go on forever. I’m hoping there are some stories where Zee only appears in ONE panel, just so you can break your own record.

    Nice to hear MB on a podcast again!

    Dr. Light always gets in his own way. He’s 50% mendacious, 50% stupid, so look for him to run on the GOP platform in 2024.

    Oh, and F*ck Reince Preibus.

  4. In the famous Sand Superman storyline, all Kryptonite on earth was turned to iron. Superman eventually was depowered by about a third. It was variable if Editors followed this new reality.

    This was the craziest plot ever. And the scheme was the most convoluted … needlessly so!

    And I don’t care if you are used to being paid, if you are a criminal and a killer and you have the chance to off Batman, you do it! You’d never need to buy another meal. You’d have mega street cred!

    Still, nicely rendered Zatanna in the two panels we see her.

  5. I bought this one at the time, and I like that cover a lot more than you guys – great composition, intriguing situation. I love the idea of a Bureau of Forgotten Heroes, if only it’d been more than a reprint-framing device. As for new main event, I think Joe Giella was a pretty decent inker for Dillin, the heroes looked wonderfully clean, including Zee – whee!

  6. I always loved that late 60’s/Early 70’s hair flip Dick Dillon would add when drawing Zatanna. Matter of fact, she has the same hair style when she magically “appears” in Justice League of America issue 100 for the “100th meeting” shindig. And who else should be gawking and ogling her when she shows up in all her leggy glory but Superman and The Flash. Pervin’ a dish, as ever.

    I’d also like to note, that JLA 100 appearance of Zee is the first time I had ever seen the Mystic Maid in her always lovely top hat, tails and fishnets costume (1981?). Back when DC reprinted the issues 100-102 story arc in the old DC Blue Ribbon Digest series. It had an absolutely fantastic Dick Giordano wraparound cover. And I kept wondering, “Why is Lois Lane dressed as a female magician and why is she hanging out with the Justice League & Justice Society?” Having already fallen for Black Canary in issue #141 of The Brave and the Bold and World’s Finest #262, I very quickly discovered that I would forever have a fascination with girls in fishnet pantyhose.

  7. Oh gosh, I can’t get past the “Bureau of Forgotten Heroes” on the front. How was this never a thing anywhere else that I knew of before now?! And how badly do I want to jump in a time machine and (amongst MANY other things – maybe just before I visit Walt Disney World 100 times between opening day and 1986) convince Julie Schwartz to use that as the title of DC Comics Presents’ “Whatever Happened To” backup features….?! (Very!)

  8. So Batman WASN’T wrapped in Zatanna’s fishnets on the cover. Huh.

    Nice of you to use a Zee cameo to cover some forgotten heroes. By which I mean Superman and Batman as best friends. *choke*

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