Tough Like a Girl #52 – Give Me Liberty

Lis and Nathaniel, a couple of out and proud feminists, take a look at work by Frank Miller… what could possibly go wrong?

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2 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #52 – Give Me Liberty

  1. Full disclosure, I haven’t read a lot of Frank Miller. That being said, my limited experience with his work leads me to believe that he’s not the first writer to go to for empowering depictions of women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community,… or anyone else for that matter. It’s nice to see that I’m not completely alone in that assessment. Still, I thank you both for covering this book, even if it’s just to give me an excuse not to read it myself.

    Now, I am looking forward to your upcoming coverage of the Scarlet Witch. She’s one of my daughter’s favorite MCU characters, sitting a little behind her absolute favorite, the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange.

  2. Impressive Podcast. Most impressive. Of Corse I think I’m right. I’m always right. It just takes a moment for every one else to realize it. You’ll catch on in a sec. And even when it seems I’m wrong it’s just a scue of perception. Moving On…. ok this book is a bit weird. Not as weird as Frank gets. Is it like today? Don’t know no one has put Kamalah Harris’s brain in a robot yet. 😀 Still Frank got weirder… be glad the Machinic was a man. So you never have to covers Holly Terror. That was a Berry Allen level bullet doge there. Though he did do an Elekra comic. So hey she could fit. Ah back to the comic. So it’s Satire from some one who doesn’t know what their talking about.

    Featuring nutty weirds doing crazzy stuff…. Did Frank Miller Predict my U-Tube comment page? Any way onto the People becoming animals… probly symbolic some Indan Trabes see them selve as Anmial totems and push forth said animals. Like The Native American guy being an Eagle. Like I got the name Runing Bear from My Great Ant who’s part Choctaw . So I have a lot of Bear stuff. And Some Vikings did the same. Like Hunters are Wolves. Wize People Owls. Or the Eagle. And the Bad guy didn;t fit any thing. Save Maybe Coyote. But, he’s not sneaky enough to be a Coyote. Since that;s a tricks ter on Loki and Anansi level. And lets face isn’t there. Anansi stole stories from the gods and gave them to man.

    So for him to be a Cayote would be an insult. Heck some of Asnasi’s stories were used and brought over here to be the Bassic for Brother Rabbits. Or Bare Rabbits. Some times he’s good some times he’s bad. Theis the tail were he fights 2 sisters that are Lepards. Maybe that’;s ware Marthah’s form comes from. And the bad guy was just a hunter since he wasn’t able to tap into his spirt animal side. Something like this Happned in a John Sable web Comic By Grail. Ware the villain stays in human form, but Sable becomes a big cat. This was a dream ware he’s hunting after he and Maggie the cat save the day.

    It’s in TBS form. I have it some ware, but don’t remember the name. It’s only in mondern American eyues is an animal form bad. Look at Bruce Lee. He’s called the Dragon. A spirt animal passed down by Empires. And Why Years in China still use animals in their Zodiac. So why Frank Millwer has become… oy. This once I don’t think he meant it as a bad thing. The bigger insult is to the bad guy with no animal form. Heck Some Celtic Tribes even bathed them salves in the blood of their first kill. And another named him self after a dog. Cú Chulainn. “Culann’s Hound. When He slayed the giant dog.

    Any way. He did bigger things latter. At Any rate. I don’t think this was a dis. Ah So y’all are reading Scarlet Witch next cool hope it’s not the Robison run. Cause oy. In one story she fights a powerful Wizard and beats him cause they walked into an Area ware the Magic is more female magic… em what? No this realy happened. Ware if girl ya got more power their. It was like 2 5 year olds playing Scarlet Witch and this was added in. I like Robinson he was great on Star Man… but not so much on Wanda. Wand pulling the rune bit in Wanda Vission was like this done well. Ware she rope a dopes Agatha. And lets her think she’s won as Scarlet pretends to miss, but has created the runes.

    This was just…. Oy why? Not sure if I had an issue or a small TBS I got at a con before all… this. But, man the issue was bad. energy is not based on XX or XY. This was just sigh. So I avoided Robinsons run\. Any Way I like Wanda. She’s had a few comics. There was a 12 issue in the 80s or 90s I saw in the bin that looked cool. But, I bought Cadillac’s and Dinasores instead. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

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