Cheers Cast 4.21: Fear is My Co-Pilot

CHEERS Season 4, episode 21: “Fear is My Co-Pilot”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests W. Blaine Dowler from 99 Years, 100 Films.

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One response to “Cheers Cast 4.21: Fear is My Co-Pilot

  1. No surprise, I think you both nailed it in terms of this episode. It’s moving plot forward for the series, not really focused on the characters. And have to give props to Ted and Shelley during the plane scenes. Those lasted a long time, and we can only see them from the shoulders up. That’s gotta be an acting challenge, and they did wonderfully.

    And not to excuse Frazier’s behavior, but it’s actually pretty true-to-life to still have some resentment towards Diane’s behavior in Europe when it’s shoved in his face. Do we expect true-to-life in a sitcom or a story narrative? Not really, but it makes sense to me. However, considering Frazier is choosing to frequent the bar where Diane works, he’s pretty much asking for old wounds to be reopened, simply from her presence. So realism is right out the window!

    Of course, the Jack Dalton exploration was a highlight of the podcast. The mind boggles at the coincidences involved. I rarely watched MacGyver, so I had no idea. Blaine’s research and analysis was great! Thanks for that and loved the episode as always!

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