Cheers Cast 5.15: Spellbound

CHEERS Season 5, episode 15: “Spellbound”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Gene Hendricks from the OcaDecaGonAGon Theater Works.

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8 responses to “Cheers Cast 5.15: Spellbound

    1. I didn’t watch The Tortellis when it originally aired (I wasn’t even watching Cheers yet at that point), but I did watch a couple episodes out of curiosity a couple years ago. It was on YouTube at that point. The only two I watched were the ones that had regular Cheers characters as guest stars. The first episode had Carla in some kind of dream sequence and was unwatchable. The other one I saw had Norm and Cliff who were in Las Vegas for some reason. That one wasn’t bad, but only because Norm and Cliff were in it.

    2. I watched more than a few back in the day. As I recall when it worked at all Anthony was the protagonist and straight man, but the writers didn’t get that often.

  1. I wonder why Nick and Loretta never appear on Cheers again after this episode until Season 11. Like you noted, they’re great in small doses, like once or at most twice a season, as opposed to being the stars of their own spinoff. Anyway, at least they did make that one final return appearance in the last season, as did many other characters from the early years, such as Harry the Hat, Andy Andy, and of course Diane herself.

  2. Oh, this episode is hilarious! Diane’s putdowns of Nick were works of art. Nick was unrepentantly awful as usual. Woody had wonderful bits: driving Frazier crazy at chess, and bringing the 6-pack. Frazier getting his ego smushed a little, and I loved how quickly he put the game away when he had the opportunity to keep from losing. Sam desperately trying to keep his bar from becoming a circus. Carla completely putting Nick in his place.

    And Loretta. Ah, Loretta. She was an point the entire episode. And bringing back her singing career? Remember the Grinning Americans? The Lemmon Sisters? Of course not, and Sam confirmed why. But being a “professional”, she still remembered to plug herself to the violin players if they needed a singer in the future. And her lines this episode. “I mean, nnnooooo.” “But wait, that’s pretty bad!” Cracks me up every time.

    Funny thing about the violinists. Yes, their music sounds exactly the same in the episode, except for the very end when they play into end card, when they decidedly are not in unison. So I could believe they were actually playing, but also would believe there was a separate recording for the last bit. Just interesting to me.

    Thanks for the great episode, Ryan and Eugene!

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