Film & Water #64 – Green Room


Episode 64: GREEN ROOM

Rob welcomes fellow Fire and Water Network All-Star Siskoid to discuss Jeremy Saulnier's 2015 thriller GREEN ROOM, staring Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, and Patrick Stewart.

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16 responses to “Film & Water #64 – Green Room

  1. I started to follow your warning and not listen to this one, because I saw Green Room for sale at Wal-Mart and thought “hey, this looks interesting”, but I decided I probably won’t get around to watching it any time soon, so why not.

    I would have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it. I’m not opposed to these type of films if done well (and this one seems to be), but it’s not the type of film I’d just pop in or click on Netflix. Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart would certainly help me past my squeamishness for these sort of things. Yelchin’s untimely death still bothers me deeply. I had a real hard time with Star Trek Beyond, despite enjoying it very much. Thankfully, he was great in it, and got to showcase his charm quite a bit.

    As for the unforeseen political connotations of this film… unfortunately my area has an underbelly of some rather nasty thinking, and that would explain some of the signage seen about the county. Makes me want to move.

    Onto happier thoughts, the band I couldn’t live without. Johnny Cash and the Eagles would have to battle it out, but I think the Eagles would win. I know “The Dude” wouldn’t approve, but if I’m going to be stuck on an island, I think some of Johnny’s stuff would just depress me.


    1. I knew I was going to take lumps for that. But I’m being honest here. You guys can take your indecipherable mumbling and indy emo moaning on your island. I’ll take country-rock harmony on mine. 😉


  2. Hey, I’m a Mike Nesmith fan! That’s country rock done right!

    this is an intervention, Franklin. You don’t have to like shitty music anymore. Take the passing of Glenn Frey as what it is – the universe starting to make amends for taking David Bowie and Princie in the same year.

    1. I love Mike Nesmith, and he’s my favorite Monkee, but if you are going to pick the Monkees over the Eagles, then I think you’ve already blown your argument there, Dante.

      Too soon on the Frey bit. Too soon.

      1. How can such a good person make such terrible decisions?

        First off, I didn’t say the Monkees were a better band than Eagles — which they are — I wrote that Mike Nesmith, specifically, did country rock better than Eagles. I’d stack Nevada Fighter or Joanne or Different Drum against Hotel California or Already Gone any day.

        I’m not happy about Frey’s passing. But Don Felder probably is.

        1. True about Felder. Since the Eagles didn’t stay in country rock, I’d call it a draw. I will say without guys like Nesmith…no Eagles.


    1. You picked re-heated, revived J.D. Souther Eagles? I like that song, but c’mon.

      “James Dean” is a more rocking, less whiny version of Don McLean’s “American Pie”. Certainly not the best Eagles song, but it’s more than just an excuse for a DJ to go take a number 2.

      Chris, in defense mode.

      1. James Dean is not a rocking version of anything. It’s clearly a coke trip that made it to tape.

        Eagles have some terrific voice talent and good musicianship. But the results of the group’s blended talents leave a lot to be desired for me.

        I find the stories around and of the band more interest than their music.

        David and the Siskoid win this musical battle.

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