Film & Water #66 – The Seventh Victim



Rob welcomes film blogger and podcaster DAVID FIORE to discuss one of their favorite horror films, Val Lewton's THE SEVENTH VICTIM!

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11 responses to “Film & Water #66 – The Seventh Victim

  1. I think I bypassed DVRing this on TCM earlier this month. Dagnabbit. Now I want to watch it!

    I have a few of the Lewton films on DVD, mostly the ones with Karloff :Isle of the Dead, Bedlam, and one of my personal favorite films, The Body Snatcher. I Walk with a Zombie was a double-feature with one of those. They really are the polar opposite of what Universal’s horror output had become by the mid-40s. I love my Universals, but clearly they had shifted gears and become a horror sausage factory, churning out movie after movie, and aiming them squarely at the kiddies.

    When you were describing the aged Satanists, it made me think of Rosemary’s Baby, even before you went there. The image of Clara Johnson, Aunt Bee’s best friend from The Andy Griffith Show shouting “Hail Satan” is forever burned into my brain!!!

    Great discussion!


  2. I’ll be listening to this episode with great interest as I’m unfamiliar with this film.

    FYI Rob, if you’re ever planning to do an episode on Citizen Kane, I think I’ve got a co-host for you who will be available after November 8th:

  3. Fun podcast to listen to. The mere mention that it was the precursor to “Mullholland Drive” is making me find a copy of it. It isn’t on amazon or Netflix streaming

  4. I never heard of this movie but love the original Cat People so now I mjust look. (Curse of the Cat People isn’t as good but I watch every time …so bizarre.)

    Rob, you definitely have to see Mulholland Drive. There is a scene in that movie that truly frightens me, goose bumps and all.

      1. I saw Mullholland Drive in the theater when it came out and thought it was just Lynch being weird for the sake of being weird. That being said, I am looking forward to the upcoming Twin Peaks revival.

        1. It truly is a movie happening in a dream-like state. You need to just let the experience happen and then mull it over.

          Brilliant in its inscrutability.

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