Fade Out – Gordon Douglas

Episode 28 - Director Gordon Douglas' VIVA KNIEVEL! with special guest Matt Sirois.

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One response to “Fade Out – Gordon Douglas

  1. Allow me to tangent into another topic, kind of like the first half of this episode. 😀

    I first heard of Matt Cvetic on the radio program “I Was A Communist For The FBI” staring Dana Andrews as Cvetic. He was an FBI agent who did infiltrate the Communist Party in America. While the radio show did have a “rah rah” veneer, the movie (staring Frank Lovejoy) sounds like it took that and turned it up to 15. Do I believe Cvetic’s claims to be 100% accurate? Not in the slightest. Do I think there’s a grain of truth immediately after WWII when Stalin was in control of the Soviet Union? Oh yeah.

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