FW Presents: Find Your Joy: CAPTAIN AMERICA #153-156

Ryan Daly welcomes Delvin “The Dark Web” Williams to discuss the multi-part saga from Captain America #153 to #156. These four issues launched Steve Englehart’s run on Captain America and the Falcon, and integrated the anachronistic Captain of the 1950s into the Marvel Universe timeline. Come for the sweet Sal Buscema artwork, stay for the racism.

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Music this episode: “Star Spangled Man” by Alan Silvestri; “This is America” by Childish Gambino; “Captain America Theme” by Alan Silvestri; “Living in America” by James Brown.

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9 responses to “FW Presents: Find Your Joy: CAPTAIN AMERICA #153-156

  1. Great discussion fellas. It is sad to think how relevant these comics are nowdays. And unfortunately, I bet Englehart figured he had to give some exterior reason for 50s Cap’s “madness”. Now we know there need be no lack of vita-rays to be a misguided racist scumbag.

    Speaking of vita-rays, I think that was an invention of Stan/Jack in the 60s, when they revised/retold Cap’s origin. So it’s a retcon, because Cap was the only Marvel hero who didn’t get a big dose of radiation, and they had to fix that.

    Of course, after this Roy himself would plug the holes of the Caps who had to appear in the stories following World War II, but before “commie buster” Cap. It’s also sad to think eventually Sharon succumbs to brainwashing by this bozo when he becomes “The Grand Director” or whatever. Of course, then she got better. And this Bucky would eventually be revealed as Jack Monroe, who would assume the mantle of Nomad and eventually become a partner to Cap, when they got his mental problems SOMEWHAT straightened out. And I believe he was eventually taken out by none other than…the Winter Soldier.

    Phew. Comics are complicated! But again, great show!


  2. I think you just invented a new drinking game… take a shot every time you mention Nick Fury’s girlfriend’s name!

  3. Great episode, gentlemen. I particularly enjoyed your discussion of FCA transforming the image of Captain America into something that ended up disgusting the real Cap.

    That actually made me think of a phenomenon that probably happens all to frequently in human relationships, where we try to reshape someone we love (or claim to love) into our own image. For example, think of someone who was attracted to another person by their differences, who then set about trying to erase those very same differences to make their partner more like themselves. I think this also can happen in parent-child relationships, where a parent tries to shape their child into a mini-me, rather than helping them develop into their own person.

    There must be something in our nature as human beings that can lead us into that trap. Maybe it has something to do with loving the idea of someone versus actually loving them, or knowing about someone versus actually knowing them, if that makes any sense. I may be completely off the mark with all of that, but I thank you for giving me something to think about.

  4. The La Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine Mego doll is impossible to find in mint condition, because the special die-cut card needed to fit her whole name is always damaged.

  5. Hey if you looking for DC’s social activist “black” super hero, look no further that the late 70’s black Lightning. His solo book dealt with drugs, gangs, and Stewart level crime. He was a person who “made out” but came back to make a difference no less as a teacher. They have kept that feeling into the modern era. I encourage you check them. There are two trades of the early run. Plus if you wanting social activism looks at the current CW show

  6. Ryan and Delvin, I was kind of stunned that you weren’t familiar with Steve Englehart’s work at Marvel. His books were consistently the best there 1972-1975. Keep reading the Captain America run. Sadly, as you guys discussed, the times haven’t changed all that much. Englehart’s Cap explored what it means to be a super-hero, a patriot, and a patriotic super-hero. Englehart rescued the Beast from his X-obscurity, and gave him an indelible personality, and blue/grey fur. Avengers/Defenders war. Nuff said. His Avengers run is the one against all other Avenger runs are measured. Soak it in. He also revived Dr. Strange and re-established him.
    Back to the issues here, and a little more context. Ryan used the term “post-Vietnam.” American troops would be in Vietnam until spring of 1975. When these issues hit the stands, the U.S. still had a draft, ground troops were still active in Vietnam, and Nixon was still in his first term. Even comic books could no longer keep ignoring the realities of socio-economic- political tensions in the country.
    Some more cultural context. The movie theaters were full of “Shaft” imitators and television was ruled by Archie Bunker. Richard Nixon was about to be re-elected and Richard Pryor was getting more popular. The way an American male wore his hair was a political statement. Whether or not it was intentional.
    Finally, Ryan every time you said Val’s name, I wanted to hear a little Italian music sting. A strummed mandolin, or a snatch of Puccini. You’ve set up great expectations with your embellishments of Shazam and The Whip.

    1. Yeah, when I went back and edited the show I couldn’t believe I blanked on all of Englehart’s Marvel product. For some reason I was only thinking of Batman and Green Lantern and totally forgot about his stuff with The Avengers, The Defenders, West Coast Avengers… I totally dropped the ball there.

      Thanks for the other historical insights, too.

  7. Top show boys! I like the idea of cap as a cop – I hate full-time superheroes, give me some soap with boss cop Muldoon!

    I love that odd Hawkeye look that debuted in Avengers #99 (he inherited it from a European carnival archer, as you do). He was wearing less and less as it went by – remember his Goliath look with the harness? Mmm, striking. Still, his original costume was the best.

    I love the idea of superheroes on holiday, why shouldn’t they have a vacation? Mind, you’d think with all their access to SHIELD tech, Sharon and Steve would manage not to burn.

    Plastic surgery can alter your voice?

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