FW Presents – The Adventurer’s Club


Rob takes a quick tour of one of the most obscure DC Comics’ features of all time, “The Adventurer’s Club” from ADVENTURE COMICS #426, 427, and 430!

Check out images from this comic by clicking here!

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4 responses to “FW Presents – The Adventurer’s Club

  1. I’ve always wondered about these stories. Not sure where I heard about them, but I knew they existed. A few years back I got a copy of Adventure #426 for the Vigilante story, but the Aparo art in the Adventurer’s Club was a nice bonus!

    It’s amazing to think how incredibly popular the horror or “mystery” books as DC called them, became during the early 70s. It seemed every DC story and cover had some kind of spooky element to it for several years, like it was Halloween 365 days a year. Sounds like heaven. 😉

    Thanks for covering these, and nice Who’s Who entry too!


  2. Interesting topic. I love Jim Aparo art, but I’m not into horror stories. Appreciate getting a taste of a series I wouldn’t seek out myself.

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