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  1. I remember these issues, because as you say, Adventure was finding itself after decades of being a part of the Superman family. I mostly purchased them because the Club shared pages with the Vigilante, who I had just discovered in the pages of JLA and the various reprint books. I think they are just neat little stories, and when you look at the history of the title going back to the 30s, they are very evocative of that brief pre-Superhero era in comics, where the characters in Adventure, Detective and More Fun were hunters, detectives and soldiers of fortune without long underwear or super-powers. Slam Bradley, Paul Kirk Manhunter, Speed Saunders, and Dr. Occult (who are part of DC continuity) were of this period, and many others who have been forgotten.

    This was in the era of Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, founder of DC, whose granddaughter, NIcky Wheeler-Nicholson, is currently running a project to reprint some of those stories -“DC Comics Before Superman: Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s Pulp Comics” – which will be published this fall. The Major himself was very much like Nelson Strong, with a globetrotting military career of his own, before, during and after the First World War. I recently received “The Texas-Siberia Trail” a collection of Nicholson’s writings in the pulps based on his travels.

    Great episode, Rob, and, yeah, Nelson Strong’s guests are jerks, but I guess the takeaway is that they were not meant to be lantern-jawed stalwarts, just the recipients of supernatural poetic justices.

    I think the name “The Adventurer’s Club” is a great one. In some ways, I am remeinded of “The Others” – that team that NEW 52 Aquaman (name-check!) was supposed to have headed before his involvement with that era’s Justice League.

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