FW Team-Up: Ultimate Spider-Man and FF

Siskoid is joined by Tim Price for coverage of Ultimate Team-Up #9 (2001), a Spider-Man/Fantastic Four all-humor issue by Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Mahfood, and this show's first foray into the Ultimate Marvel Universe! But is it actually the UMU? Jury is still out on that one.

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4 responses to “FW Team-Up: Ultimate Spider-Man and FF

  1. Fun show guys! I dipped my toe into Ultimate Spidey, but didn’t stick around long. I did make a tidy profit selling the first 12 or so issues when they were still HOT, so at least there’s that.

    I had no idea how fast and loose Marvel was playing with the “Ultimate” versions of their characters, introducing them multiple times until something stuck. Didn’t the…er…”ultimate” Ultimate Reed Richards go all nuts and destroy the universe or something? I seem to recall reading about that somewhere.

    Always nice to hear Tim, whether he’s Ultimate, Time Priest, or what have you.

    Oh, and not only did you guys get timely with Scorcese (who I think is suffering from sour grapes syndrome, in my opinion), but also Bendis’ obsession with disregarding secret identities, as he’s doing with Clark Kent in the Superman books right now. Sigh.


    1. That is correct, Chris. After the Ultimatum event, where he irreparably ruined his friendship with the rest of the Ult FF (I’m going use “Ult” instead of “Ultimate” because there’s lots to come), Ult Reed Richards traveled into a limbo-like dimension, and discovered that his body was essentially immortal, so he stayed there for a thousand years, gaining knowledge and power and going coo-coo for cocoa puffs. He returned in Ult Mystery and Ult Enemy as “The Maker” to take over the world by force, and did a pretty fine job of it, up to Hickman’s Secret Wars which destroyed the multiverse.

      Ult Reed did help fight against Doctor Doom to get the multiverse restored, but rather than return to Earth-1610, he stayed in Earth-616, and has been making trouble in New Avengers, Infamous Iron Man, and probably other places that I haven’t read yet. (I heard mention that he’s in the new Future Foundation comic, and since that features half of Power Pack, it’s on my list!)

      Thank you for giving me the chance to TIm-splain! Glad you enjoyed the show!

  2. I was fully on board with Ultimate Spider-Man from day one, and I remember being totally thrown by this issue. It just seemed so unlike the slow (sloooooow), deliberate pace of the USM book, to so obviously just throw things at the wall and not even really seeming to care if they stick. Heh…Spider-Man…sticking to the wall…ah, well. It just felt strangely haphazard for an otherwise carefully planned and executed project. Then again, I’m not sure how quickly it all went off the rails, or at least I don’t trust my memory of it. I know that Ultimate X-Men and FF never really landed for me, and I grew tired of “Ultimates” pretty quickly. With (all) that said, I think I recall you folks mentioning the “Marvel Adventures” line during this episode? Now that was a line of books that I thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks for another fun episode!

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