First Strike: The Invasion! Podcast Ep.12.5: Invasion on Television

Bass and Siskoid talk about the recent announcement about the CW’s Arrowverse crossover based on Invasion! Did they have anything to do with it? Join them on this minisode while you wait a couple more days for episode 13 of First Strike!

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The article we’re talking about.

Relevant teaser clip from Supergirl’s “Falling” starring Melissa Benoist

End theme music from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” score by Bernard Herrmann

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5 responses to “First Strike: The Invasion! Podcast Ep.12.5: Invasion on Television

  1. I would bet galactic credits that Mon-El’s storyline is tied into this Invasion crossover. I didn’t get to watch Supergirl’s premiere last night, but my understanding is his story is going to be a complicated one.

    My guess is this will spin out of Supergirl. Her show is the first up each week, and her series has already dealt with alien threats. Unless they plan to shuffle the schedule, or spread this out over two weeks, the chapters should run Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends. But this is all just me guessing.

    I’m excited for this. Thanks for inspiring it fellas! 😉


  2. Apparently Supergirl will be visiting Earth-CW-1 for the crossover. (If Mon-el does end up coming from Earth-CW-1 Daxam I’d say that could make for a complicated story…)

    Wonder what they’ll call Supergirl’s Earth. 4 seems wrong since it was ‘discovered’ before Earth-CW-3. 2.5? S?

    I’m going to guess that it goes Arrow, Legends, Supergirl, Flash if they don’t double any show up. Ending with either Supergirl or Flash seems right, and Legends being the vehicle for bringing in the Kryptonian reenforcements would work.

  3. So congrats on the name drop! You guys deserve the credit.

    I would love … LOOOVVVEEE … to see a Gil’dishpan on the show but I can’t imagine that’ll happen. We’ve seen a Khund last season on the Supergirl show so my guess is Bass is correct:Dominator leadership, Khund infantry.

    Here is my guess about the Mon-El arc in Supergirl. My guess is he at first will be a bad guy, corrupted by Cadmus. Then he’ll become an ally just as he is dying from lead. We learned in Supergirl that his pod was in some galactic starfield where ‘time doesn’t pass’. That will be the ‘phantom zone’ he gets sent to so he doesn’t die. In the end, we get one of those POV shots where things are blurry like he is opening his eyes and we’ll see just before the credits run some Legionnaires.

    Then next season is the true Legion crossover.

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