JLI Podcast #17 – Justice League International #17 (Sept 1988)

The Irredeemable Shag welcomes professional comic book, television, and movie writer Joe Casey (Adventures of Superman, Uncanny X-Men, Cable, Wildcats, GI Joe, Gødland, Officer Downe, and one of the creators of the animated series Ben 10) to discuss Justice League International #17 (Sept 1988)! Captain Atom arrives in Bialya to rescue the team, while in space Big Barda, Martian Manhunter, Rocket Red and G'Nort come closer to finding Mister Miracle as they chase Manga Khan! Plus Joe and Shag cover what was on the shelves that same month, recap and discuss the JLI issue, and tackle YOUR listener feedback!

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20 responses to “JLI Podcast #17 – Justice League International #17 (Sept 1988)

  1. Wandjina in the alleyway? Jack O’Lantern’s personality? Man, I haven’t read this in ages, because those are definitely legit highlights. Really dug the “2nd Act” breakdown. I could listen to Joe all day — great get, Shag!

  2. Joe was such a great guest. It’s pleasing and reassuring when you confirm that a comic creator is just another hardcore fan as the rest of us.

    I actually think that what happened to Beetle in Bialya (keeping it vague for those who haven’t read ahead) wasn’t on the cards when this issue was created. If it was there would have surely been a scene of Blue and Gold being obviously separated, or Beetle being brought back to the cell after questioning.

    I vote against rehashing the JLI Secret Origins content. Ryan and his guests did a stellar job on those issues (not even saying that because I was on the Ice Maiden segment).

  3. Great episode shag! You should invite Joe back at some point. I love this podcast and I am counting down the months as you inch closer to my favorite issue, #24.

  4. This might be the best episode you’ve done of BHH yet! It’s great to hear how this series influenced someone’s professional work, and it was a nice glimpse into Casey’s view on the series. More like this, please!

  5. Great episode Shag! Mr. Casey was a fantastic guest as well. My son grew up on Ben 10 as well. Heck, his first bike was Ben 10 themed! And I didn’t mind one bit watching that show with him, as it was fun for me too! So thanks Joe and Men of Action!

    As for this issue, I don’t recall it as well as the previous one, for some reason. I do remember the bit with Fire (gee, I wonder why?), but I’m going to have to dig my copy out when I get home. I do remember REALLY liking Maguire’s take on Captain Atom, once he “got it”, as he did here. The Captain Atom card from the JLI Postcard set was particularly awesome. I think that’s the first time I really understood how high-gloss and chromey the Captain was SUPPOSED to be. No shade on Pat Broderick, but I prefer Maguire’s take.

    Again, great show, and thanks for the JLUCast plug!


  6. What a treat to hear Joe Casey (Gooba-gobble, gooba-gobble). So many great insights and what a lovely fella. I don’t actually know Ben Ten – isn’t he in the Joe 90/Dial H For Hero ballpark? I must take a look.

    This was a good issue, though I’ve never been a fan of the Champions of Angor (though Steve Orlando did good work with that planet in recent JLA issues… and he brought back the Adjudicator!). Isn’t Wandjina one of Paul Hix’s pals?

    It struck me when hearing the feedback about last issue’s cover – do you think Kevin Maguire drew it with a 2B pencil? Or not two Bea/Bee?

  7. I do not know Joe Casey’s work, but at least I’ve heard of it! I agree with the other comments that it was very cool to hear the perspective of a comics pro as comics fan. Or it is the other way around? I can’t remember what compelled me to buy this issue, as I hadn’t bought JL for about half a year, but I bought this and the next three or four, and that was it for my regular buying days! I’m very intrigued about all these hints about Blue Beetle! Okay, Shag, are you going to try to keep topping yourself with special guests? Or lower expectations? If it’s the latter, call me.

  8. Greetings from the Irish Embassy on the back of St. Patrick’s Weekend, which was interesting for me. First off, I had a detour to a different podcast in Midnight…The Podcasting Hour. Being in a damp, deserted haunted recording studio with PJ Frightful was……..frankly a step up from the JLI Embassies (except for the Russian Embassy – the plumbing there is to die for!). Then I had to deal with a lot of calls from Bialya and while, my Bialyan is not the best, seemed to be all about them looking for a good time from a Canary. Very weird indeed!

    Another great episode and like the other commentators, it was interesting to get the perspective of a professional writer on the work of Giffen and DeMatteis. I managed to look up Joe’s Bialya work and the leader in charge for that story was Colonel Ehad Rakak, and he had Luthor comment that Radak “is a smart man. Certainly not a buffoon that Harjayti was”. I don’t think they named the president of Bialya when Black Adam massacred the country in 52 but Rakak could well have been that president.

    It was a relatively quick wrap up to the Bialyan adventure – as discussed by Shagg and Joe, it is likely that Keith and JM wanted to play the long game with Bialya and leave them for their eventual final act, which they eventually got to in Breakdowns. It will be interesting to see the coverage of the new Queen Bee-led Bialya and her Global Gaurdians (Again, sorry about Jack O’Lantern!!!).

    Am looking forward to the next episode with the continuation of the Search for a Miracle (continuing the Star Trek theme there) and the introduction of a certain bounty hunter bastich!

  9. This episode was worth the wait. Joe Casey was a great insightful guest and obviously big fan of the JLI. I remember reading his short run on Incredible Hulk which followed Peter David. That was an nigh-impossible act to follow, and Joe put out some really good stories. Wish he could have done more on the Hulkster. (Also loved the “Toxic Avenger” comparison!)

    It’s good to be reminded that these stories were plotted on the fly, because having read the whole series, I typically think of it as a long arc. The fact Giffen/DeMatteis could turn this into a cohesive story is pretty amazing. Like the Champions of Angor, being a quick threat-of-the-month back in #2-3, and somehow leading into major storylines like Bialya, and staying with the JLI all the way to the end!

    Yes, Fire was sexy in her underwear, but the explanation in the story was so flimsy. She’s undercover in a hostile country, Bat-Max is heading out on a dangerous mission, and Bea thinks “Fine, Bat-jerk, I’m gonna wash my hair in my skivvies while you’re out!” Really? No concern about being ready for action in this situation? Sigh. To be fair, Beetle and Booster were shirtless this entire issue, but Fire wasn’t ogling them. Guess Blue and Gold are both friend zoned.

    Did anyone else notice the lack of Bat-branding? Simple black clothes. No bat on his pen-sized telescope or his backpack. I guess Batman *can* do covert!

    Now for the big question. Wandjina first attacks the League, he’s reaching for Beetle, and Fire says “B-Batman… Get… Up…”, Beetle says “I… I can’t…” Reality, Fire saying “Batman” was an editorial goof, right? But it’s always bothered me. My no-prizing would say Fire was hit hard on the head, face down, and really didn’t know who was next to her. Also, she’s with three guys whose names start with “B”. That’s even easy to goof up in the real world. I’m overthinking again, aren’t I.

    Such GREAT Maguire artwork in this issue. Yes, not many issues to go with him. “Thanks” for reminding me, Shag.

  10. Joe was a terrific guest, totally willing to put up with Shag’s nonsense!

    Re: the cover–I’m not sure Maguire’s style works well with pure horror like the image we see, but hey points for trying something different. JL/JLI was so light and silly sometimes its nice to remember this is the JUSTICE LEAGUE folks, occasionally life and death enters into it!

    On a separate note, those Fire panels were pretty eye opening to the teenaged me when I first read the comic. I had seen sexy stuff in indy comics, but in squeaky clean DC? That was something new.

    Great episode!

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