JLUCast 14 Image Gallery

Images from "Twilight", Part One

Steppenwolf may make only a brief appearance, but at least his ship's crew have the same snazzy facial hair!

Thanks to DIOW and Siskoid, I now expect Desaad to have a HEAVY French accent...

Highfather knows best! He gives Darkseid a stern talking-to!

Clearly, Orion got all the looks in the family...

Desaad REALLY shouldn't have pointed out Darkseid's big boo-boo.

"Welcome to the Watchtower. May I offer you a can of whupass?"

Darkseid is streaming the Brainiac Channel. It's bundled with Disney +.

Batman and Wonder Woman meet Forager, and marvel at the floating city of Supertown.

I bet the Superboys now glow red like a Krypton sun!

Hey, watch those hands, Lighttouch!

Brainiac is even more into branding than Bruce Wayne!!!

Images from "Twilight", Part Two

Brainiac is still "bottling" cities and worlds. He just uploads them!

Brainiac tries to appeal to Superman's Kryptonian side. Maybe if you hadn't blown up the planet?

Hawkgirl goes medieval on some Brainiac drones!

Darkseid double crosses Superman, then triple crosses Brainiac! He's great at tic-tac-toe.

J'onn thinks MAYBE Brainiac has info on Thanagar, or maybe...

Supertown is going DOWN!!!

A missed opportunity for a great action figure accessory!!!

Surprisingly, Darkseid is a hugger.


One of Superman's greatest onscreen moments.

The REAL BvS. I love Batman, but c'mon.

Cue up Beck's "Loser".

Up with Forever People!!!

Forager gets all the credit, but if you need an escape...

Highfather learns to practice what he preaches.

J'onn says Hawkgirl will find her place someday. Wait until the season finale, J'onn...hoo boy!!!


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