JLUCast 7: “The Brave and the Bold”

Happy Holidays! Our red & green Christmas Crusdaders, Flash and Green Lantern take the spotlight as they oppose Grodd in his plan to destroy Gorilla City and enslave mankind!

Then, a true Yuletide tale from Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2 (1989) starring the Bronze Age Flash and GL as they help a lonely man spread Christmas cheer, by William Messner Loebs, Colleen Doran and Ty Templeton.

Also, the Franklins meet….Kevin Conroy!

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Clip credits:

Clips from Justice League, “The Brave and the Bold”, theme by Lolita Ritmanis, music by Michael McCuistion

“Christmas All Over Again” by Tom Petty

“Christmas Time” by Bryan Adams

“Sleigh Ride” by The Barenaked Ladies

Clip from Challenge of the Super Friends “Revenge on Gorilla City”

Clip from Batman: The Animated Series, “Christmas with the Joker”

12 responses to “JLUCast 7: “The Brave and the Bold”

  1. Thanks for the show. I enjoyed listening to it.

    Chris, somebody probably already told you, but Batman picked up the Gorilla in “The Human Beast Bomb” in Detective 339. It was reprinted in DC Special #16, which was “Super Heroes Battles Super Gorillas.” Apparently, it sold well, because there was another “Super Heroes Battle Super Gorillas” released in 1976 that was one of the first two or three comics I ever bought. Of course, I also had the Power Records where Batman battled Grodd.

    Congrats on the great experience with Kevin Conroy at the Con.

    1. Gah! How could I have forgotten that Power Record Gothos? THAT may have been where I met Grodd, or at least it was around the same time as Challenge of the SF. I’m going to have to turn in my Power Records co-host badge!

      Thanks for setting me straight!


  2. Another fine episode! I just want to compliment you not only on the content but your production values. Your synopsis of the episodes, audio clips, & transitions are seamless.

    You really should teeet to Conroy. I think he’d appreciate your knowledge of & affection for his work

  3. OF COURSE Cindy’s favorite part of the episode was the slap!

    Thanks for taking the time to highlight the (sadly)late, great David Ogden Stiers. I know I’m pretty alone on this, but I have some nice things to say about the JLA TV pilot if anyone ever asks. He really did rack up quite an impressive resume outside of M*A*S*H, and his voice for Solivar was perfect. Did Andrea Romano EVER get it wrong?

    Chris, I agree that it’s amazing DC never reprinted that unsold Gorilla City comic anywhere. The bits I read in Amazing World were pretty great, what a fun concept for a comic. I mean, they never did a Metropolis comic, did they? Or Paradise Island? Or Atlantis…

    I will try and work “Naked and a Cheese Sandwich” into my lexicon, but I can’t make any promises. Melinda May from Lifeforce, mmmmrrrroooowwwwwrrrr!

    1. Andrea Romano is the Lynn Stalmaster of the animated world.

      I think you should guest on JLI BWAHAHA Podcast when Shag covers the pilot. I’d like to hear an alternate opinion on it.

      Yeah, other than World of… (Krypton, Metropolis, Smallville) mini in the 80s, most of the big DC locales outside of Gotham have never had their own series.

      Oh, and it’s “Buck Naked WITH a cheese sandwich” just to be specific. And yes, Matilda May makes that very uneven movie worth watching, for sure (runs for cover).

  4. I’m probably the only one, but glancing through the comments my brain thought “that’s weird, Chris is always the first to comment, why didn’t he oooohhhhhh..”

    B&TB is a favorite of mine. An interesting contrast at the time was reading Wally and Kyle in the comics, where Wally is the impatient, hot-headed veteran, and Kyle is the struggling yet thoughtful newbie. It was nice to see the relationship play out appropriately with JLU’s Flash and John. I wanted to see more of them teaming up since the beginning, and this episode didn’t disappoint.

    That punch. A more realistic tactic would have been a well-timed sidestep clothesline arm by John. Easier to execute and Flash’s speed knocks himself out. But dang, the punch was so cool!

    I guess I’ll always prefer comedy over drama. This episode was so full of visual gags and sly jokes that just keeps it light. I don’t know if you mentioned my favorite moment. Mind-controlled Flash throws several items at GL, ending with a banana. GL blocks everything, but the banana is yellow, so it hits John. I just find that hilarious. But it has a subtle side. Have they established if Timm-verse GL rings are vulnerable to yellow? I really don’t know! This moment makes it seem possible, but not definite.

    J’onn’s telepathy really let him down when Batman was digging for Diana. (Take a drink every time Batman yells “Diana” in this series. Or maybe Cindy should smack Chris. Come on, guys, you know we’re waiting for more slappin’!)

    Another great podcast, Franklins! Happy holidays and looking forward to more in 2019!

    1. Nice catch on the banana, Tim. I don’t think Lanterns had the weakness to yellow in the animated DCU. If they did, I don’t recall it being telegraphed, but that may have been a fun gag thrown in as a nod to it. We missed it!

      Yeah, Kevin Conroy got to grunt “DI-ANA!!!” a lot, didn’t he? And he did it awesomely, of course!

      More on the way, thanks for listening!

  5. Holy Holidays, Batman! Since Christmas Day marks the 25th anniversary of “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm,” who’s tackling THAT absolute gem of a movie? One of the best interpretations of the Batman yet… This looks like a job for Fire and Water!

  6. Hey guys,
    I enjoyed your coverage of this episode. Paul Dini was originally slated to write this episode, but he had to bow out at the last minute because of complications from carpal tunnel syndrome. Dwayne McDuffie stepped in and hit it out of the park. I still remember chuckling when I got the first draft and read the line “Flash! Don’t heckle the super-villain!”

    Listening to your descriptions made me realize that Gorilla City is basically DC’s version of Wakanda. It’s a super-advanced city, hidden behind a cloak of invisibility in the heart of Africa. It’s reclusive inhabitants are suspicious of the outside world. Trouble arises when one of the inhabitants wants to use the civilization’s advanced technology to take over the world. Sound familiar? The only difference is, well, gorillas!

    Keep up the super work!
    –Rich Fogel

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