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Images from "A Better World", Part 1

Lex has his finger on the button, but he makes the mistake of trash talking the hot-headed man-god...

...which leads to this. Don't look to the right kids. Ewww.

Superman tells "W" he doesn't think Americans are quite ready for an election.

17 years ago, or right frickin' now?

Another familiar scene. I've gotten that look before! I've never taken over the world, but still...familiar.

Pay attention to this Deus Lex Machina. It will be on the test later.

Bad J'onn makes up a Crisis-like lie. Why wouldn't they believe it? If it's Tuesday, it must be Crisis Day. And Taco Tuesday.

Electricity is EVIL!!!

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition... or Doomsday!!!

Speaking of things being familiar... I think I know where this is going.

Oh wait. Add Super-Lobotomy to his power list. Right before Super-Ventriliquism.

From intelligent world-destroyer to a member of the "People of Wal-Mart" crowd.

Images from "A Better World" Part 2

Superman has his interplanetary zoo...Batman has an interdimensional one!

Batman just got knocked the #$%* out!

An unsettling sedate Joker works the receptionist desk at Arkham. But he's still a weasel.

The lobotomized Arkham inmates...including Scarface (but NOT the Ventriloquist).

The battle of the Batmen is more philosophical than physical.

Reign of the Supermen (Robots)!

Poory Ivy. She just doesn't care about Flash's act of herbicide anymore.

Our Batman shockingly concedes defeat. Lord Batman was president of his debate team.

Food critics must be outlawed in the Justice Lords universe.

Our Batman comes back with a rebuttal...and a sick burn!

Batman saves his prisoners from some local police...but what could they really have done?

Two J'onns, but 6 arms! Barsoom!!!

Justice Lord GL aint' playing around!

Our Wonder Woman goes all Lynda Carter on her twin.

Not a sight you see every day (at least until Geoff Johns came along). And hey, there's Lexov's gun! It went off!

One final leap...and no more Super-man.

Superman actually has become Lex's accomplice here...so Lord Superman isn't completely wrong, is he?

Truth, Justice, and the American Way...or the way things SHOULD be, anyway.

Lex for President 2004?



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