Let’s Roll: GURPS Greece/Space

Let's Roll returns to Siskoid's Shiftworld campaign, as his players Pout and Bébert are once again invited to discuss this long-running GURPS game, this time focusing on GURPS Greece and GURPS Space, with a small detour through the Star Wars RPG - the theme shall be MYTHIC role-playing, yeah, that works. Plus, GameMaster Advice about how to run a space opera role-playing game!

Relevant images and credits in the Let's Roll Supplemental.

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4 responses to “Let’s Roll: GURPS Greece/Space

  1. I’m not a music guy, most of the tracks you list I have no idea about, but when I saw “Something Kinda Funky” by Stu Phillips I knew exactly what you were going for. (No, I’m not proud to admit it.)

    So you were doing this before the MCU decided to set space to an Awesome Mix!

    1. Mmn, no, actually. We’re now in the Shiftworld era that was played during the pandemic. That would have been ANOTHER way to go, with pop hits, but those were always my least successful game soundtracks. The true inspiration was Buck Rogers/Space 1999.

      1. One of my proudest moments as a parent was watching “Awakening” with my daughter, and watching her eyes roll when Buck shows off his dancing skills at the diplomatic reception.

  2. Greek mythology and space opera together in one campaign! That’s like the chocolate and peanut butter of table top RPG (IMHO). That this was also a Shiftworld episode was the icing on the cake. (I really shouldn’t post comments right before dinner). While I’m enjoying these new installments of Shiftworld, I’ll be sorry when your coverage of the campaign finally wraps up.

    Thanks for another incredible episode.

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