Midnight 10: NIGHT FORCE #3-4

Continuing from last episode, Ryan Daly and Paul Hix review issues #3 and #4 of Night Force and address listener feedback from the Night Force preview in New Teen Titans #21 covered in episode 4.

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5 responses to “Midnight 10: NIGHT FORCE #3-4

  1. Another great episode. As you say, this just reads like something very different than what I had been reading before. James Bond meets Kolchak!

    I love the art here. The surprint demonic forces just pop for me. The torture scene with Vanessa is just crazy.

    That regret Jack feels for sleeping with Vanessa is only going to get worse. Can’t wait to get to the end of this arc.

  2. Paul Hix and I have an “adversarial” relationship? I was not aware of this.

    As I mentioned on the previous episode, NF #4 is a beloved comic from my childhood, I remember sitting in the back of my parents car, reading it as they shopped for candles or whatever crap adults buy. I LOVE the cover, I think the almost neon magenta really makes it stand out. And as my nemesis Paul referenced, the shadows over the bad guy’s face leaves it up to the viewer’s imagination. Also loved Colan’s use of the color holds on the inside, giving that whole sequence a surreal, dreamlike quality.

    Like 70s Spectre run in ADVENTURE, I somehow think this series will be more fun for me to re-read in the original comics, cheap paper and all, as opposed to some super clean, pristine collection. Like I need to do with STARMAN for SMP, I will start buying these books to catch up to the show.

  3. This book is far different than I ever guessed. I can totally see this as a Netflix type series. You could even do it period like Stranger Things. Combine with Penny Dreadful and The Amerikans, and there you go!


  4. Good show, gents! I’m really enjoying this comic so far, and I enjoy hearing you both point out some of the things I missed. While you both make some valid criticisms of the book, I find that my inner critic takes a short vacation while I’m reading the story. That only really happens if what I’m reading/watching/listening to is fun enough that I can just roll with it.

    Also, Night Force has so many elements of other things I’ve enjoyed – the Mission: Impossible TV show, James Bond movies, 70s Hammer horror films, Frederick Forsyth novels, Kolchak The Night Stalker – even the Baron’s relationship to Merlin reminds me of Gary Seven and his cat in that one Star Trek episode. Now if Teri Garr shows up as the Baron’s new, mod secretary, I’m sure she’ll probably turn out to be working for the mysterious villain. Just like every other secretary in this comic.

    O.K. then, it seems I have one criticism – Night Force has made me suspicious of secretaries. That can’t be good.

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