oHOTmu or NOT Ep.22: Colossus to Controller

An X-Man only recently turned into comic relief. A guy who ISN’T Blacklash, we swear. A zen Elder of the Universe. And a guy who just wants your obedience. Which are Hot, and which are Not? Find out from our panel of Lovely Ladies as their coverage of issue 3 of the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition continues!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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8 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.22: Colossus to Controller

  1. The X-Men were my one of my first loves as a comic book reader and Colossus always circled the Top 5 favorites area. One of the things that drew me, and I imagine a lot of kids, to the X-Men was that their personalities and characters frequently contradicted their outer appearance. Beast looked like a big, hairy monster, but he was the smartest, most articulate member of the group. Nightcrawler looked like a gargoyle or a demon from a Renaissance painting, but he was a devout Catholic with the soul of a priest. Colossus was the team’s strong man. He was indestructible Russian during the Cold War. In any other comic, he would’ve been a brutish thug, but Piotr was an artist and a farmer, constantly struggling with/for pacifist ideals.

    Not a fan of the costume he wore during the era of this OHOTMU issue, though.

  2. Never apologize for dick jokes, ladies.

    Colossus’s original, classic costume DID have blue tights that disappeared when he went metal. Didn’t make a lick of sense, but maybe Professor X got some unstable molecule material from Reed Richards?

    Everyone has gushed so much about the Deadpool movie, I never really considered that it turned Colossus into a joke even though it’s right there in front of me. He was the straight-laced super hero standard for Reynolds to bounce his zany off of. The accent just made it funnier.

    Didn’t Piotr cheat on Kitty on the Beyonder World in Secret Wars? I wonder if the girls would find him hot with that knowledge?

    Leave it to the girls to bring up aspects of super hero costuming that we entrenched nerds never would, such as Constrictor having to lineup the opening in his costume with his tentacle-coil thingee.

    I was thinking Avatar with the Contemplator as well. He just needs the arrow on the forehead.

    Was Jim Starlin obsessed with Darkseid look-alikes? Controller has a totally different origin, but that craggy face, big body and love of blue screams Ol’ Stoneface.

    Great pick-me-up as always ladies (and Siskoid).


  3. One of the constant source of frustration I’ve had with the X movies is the sidelining of what were, IMO, some of the series’ most compelling characters, Colossus being among them. Such a great look, charming personality, and cool ass power set, and all we get is a cameo in one movie and then a walking punchline in Deadpool? Nyet!

    Considering all the talk of metal dongs this episode, I expected a Steely Dan needle drop in the episode. Alas…

    Fun show everyone!

    1. Presumably Colossus was too hard/expensive to achieve in the first few and because he was seen in X2, couldn’t be retrofitted into First Class.

  4. Loving the episode. That lemonade picture is from Kitty’s first time in the Danger Room and that’s why she looks nervous.
    Light is green back to the episode.

  5. I knew Colossus was going to be the standout of this one. Despite the metal he’s got the protective snuggle factor (ala Armadillo). I wasn’t familiar with this particular belt-happy outfit but the idea of taking Piotr out for a walk by the neck belt… yes please!

    On a similar note: I could go either way on Constrictor, however I’ve been to a few parties in my time where his power set and look would be MOST welcome. You know he’s got an active FetLife profile.

    And then it wraps up on the smug and the gruesome. Blech. Fun show as always, ladies (and Siskoid.)

  6. “Don’t shine your enlightenment in my face!” Words to live by. I don;t know who said it, because all these delightful Maritime Maids sound similar! However I love listening to everything they say! Siskoid, you may have to start deliberately inserting interesting characters for the ladies. The pictures in these books are pretty lousy, and some of the characters are better forgotten and ignored. The Contemplator? Really? This was a character worthy of inclusion? Yeesh.

  7. Just a bit of preparation for the next installment (if you haven’t already recorded it): Looking through my copy of OHotMU #3, I see that Crimson Dynamo is among the next batch of four characters…but they don’t have an image of him out of his armor. So, here’s a page I found with an image of Dimitri Bukharin in civilian clothes, so the ladies can better judge whether he’s hot or not…


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