oHOTmu or NOT Ep.46: Gyrich to Hawkeye

A government agent. A rich industrialist. Cyclops' kid brother. Marvel's premiere battling bowman. Which are hot and which are not? That's for the Girls to decide.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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17 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.46: Gyrich to Hawkeye

  1. One of the things about this show is that it can influence my further thoughts on characters. For example, I can’t look at Armadillo the same way.

    Now, thanks to the gang, I can never look at Havok without now equating his power with ejaculation.

    “Havok is a hard man. He builds up energy until he releases. Often times, this happens in the climax of the story.”

    I also think that if someone could create a Havok style shirt that a guy would wear during amorous encounters. I can imagine the ‘hey, looks like your shirt is almost full. You should start thinking about baseball.’

    Yes, let’s just say that every conversation I read involving Havok in comics now will be read as a double entendre.

  2. I think on the 90s X-Men cartoon it was pronounced “GUY-RICK”, but that may have been wrong too. Maybe he’ll become Marvel’s Ra’s Al Ghul. No two people pronounce it the same.

    He does look like Nic Cage in that pic! Weird!

    I need to turn in my Classic Horror card, because up until this moment, I didn’t see the Peter Cushing/Justin Hammer visual connection, but now….BAM!!! And his very name may have been the impetus for it, since Cushing famously worked for Hammer Studios.

    The Havok discussion was hilarious and quite insightful. I’m surprised modern writers haven’t…er…milked that aspect of his powers.

    Nice to see Hawkeye getting some love. I knew he was your favorite Siskoid, so I was rooting for you…and him.

    Great needle drops as always!


  3. I had a friend who created “custom” Champions sheets with larger place for the “hero art”. Many had “blanks” to draw a costume on that were partially traced from OHOTMU. I figured I would wait until I recognized one to mention it. Take out Hammer and this makes three. It makes me wonder if the rest ALL came from this one issue.

  4. Another great episode. How you constantly keep putting out fantastic episodes is amazing so keep it up! We’re only into “H” and already I’m fearing the end. This show always brings the joy into my life.

    Justin Hammer – I’m don’t like smoking, but I do like that smoking jacket. I really like the ladies characterization and think Marvel should start taking notes.

    Havok – This…… this just made me laugh so hard. Now all those Havok stories I’ve read over the years suddenly have new meanings. The one that pops to mind is the Spidey team-up against the Living Monolith. Spidey always seemed to have… “problems”…. with his web fluid so now these two characters make more sense together. In fact, they probably had a conversation about asking if it happens to all guys? Also, should that be Havok’s new catchphrase? When he fires a plasma blast, he can yell, “Discharge!”

    Hawkeye – I remember one of the first trades I ever got was the collected Hawkeye mini-series from the ’80’s and have always had a soft spot for the character. I’m glad he got all the love for being a lovable loser but his dog seemed to get more love. In fact, once the ladies saw an image of the dog, Hawkeye seemed to be forgotten. Just like in the movies……

    As a suggestion for a sign-off for the ladies, may I suggest, “May you all find your Armadillos”. Everyone deserves praise for another fantastic episode! Well done!

  5. Well clearly I need to choose my words more carefully. My apologies to the fine ladies of OHOTMU, my intention was to mean the border between interesting and hilarious. Your comments always fall on one side or the other and frequently both.

    I always like seeing Gyrich, because he is the reality that super-heroes would face, the rigid, rule enforcing bureaucrat often referred to here as a ‘jobsworth’. In a comic that was often like kids a play, he was the grown up that the Avengers had foisted upon them.

    Justin Hammer? Well I prefer the MCU version, simply because he’s more interesting.

    Havok is a great character who always suffers from being Cyclops’ brother, but that black costume and concentric circle design was fantastic and the character only suffers when moved away from that. (As I’m sure when you view updates to the characters you will see) I do like the fact that he is often trying to leave the super-hero life, but is pulled back into it against his will.

    Hawkeye is an iconic look, once you get past the pink/purple colour and now it’s been pointed out, I can’t not see the phallic nature of his trick arrows. Maybe he has a part time job endorsing sex toys. Well I’m sure from this point, the jokes write themselves.

    As requested, here is picture of my right arm.


  6. Another highly entertaining episode!

    Henry Peter Gyrich: Peter David showed Gyrich’s better side in an issue of Incredible Hulk, in which Gyrich revealed that he’d been caregiver for his Alzheimer’s-afflicted father in his father’s last years. This revelation didn’t make him any less of a jerk, but it did show that there was more to him than that.

    Over the years, different writers seem to go back and forth between depicting Gyrich as being just an obsctructive, obnoxious bureaucrat or being an outright villain, though it seems that most of his truly evil deeds are later explained as him being brainwashed or under some other form of mind control.

    Hawkeye: I can’t wait for the next special edition where you look at the characters’ other looks…I am SO looking forward to hearing the reaction to his 1970s Barry Windsor-Smith-designed outfit that he wore from Avengers #98 to #109. (Not to mention his stint as Goliath!)

  7. Hah… I knew it was Hawkeye that was your favorite.
    He’ kinda the Ringo Starr of the Avengers, overlooked at first but eminently relatable.

    I never understood why people get down on his costume, it’s been great since his 4 issue miniseries in early 80s.

    Finally I always liked it when he she-hulk hooked up.

  8. Well! I guess … um … well! The ladies were in top form this time. Hilariously so!

    Gyrich the Jerk will always be “the Jerk who robbed Storm of her powers”. But whenever you need the government to do jerky things to heroes, this is the jerk you call. So no, I don’t like this jerk. … Because jerk.

    Hammer, Justin: First, the only comics character that should use a cigarette holder is the Penguin. Second, the MCU version of Hammer looks just like the CEO of the company I work for, and even talked and acted like him! It’s like the actor studied the CEO and used it to portray Hammer! The first time I saw Iron Man 2, I was holding back from guffawing every time Hammer was on screen. That was hard!

    Havok. ‘Nuff said.

    To Siskoid, Hawkeye is also my brother’s favorite Avenger. I like Clint a lot, too, so I’m glad he measured up. And “thanks” to the ladies because now I look at the arrowheads, and then see the “quiver”, and oh no no no.

    Thanks for grins, hot squad!

  9. Gyrich – Oh yeah I immediately saw this guy and thought of the Agents from the Matrix. And then as I learned more I was reminded of Walter Peck (aka Dickless) from Ghostbusters, with his whole pedantic wielding of petty authority. Add in the anti-mutant thing (which makes him a nice all around bigot since mutation is used as a metaphor for all kinds of minorities) and this guy can go ahead and suck on a dead dog’s teat. Not.

    Hammer, Justin – Oh look, it’s Hugh Hefner as a corporate villain. I mean… he’s functional I guess. Having Sam Rockwell play him doesn’t endear him to me at all because… look I might well be the only person on the planet who feels this but I just don’t like Sam Rockwell. Like deep in my gut, I don’t like him. Couldn’t tell you why. So the only appeal this guy could possibly have is as a sugar daddy, but if he’s not going to spoil me then it’d be a hard Not.

    Havoc – *Shrug* I mean, he’s better than his brother I guess. Not a huge fan of this look. It’s memorable I guess, but with it just being flat black except for the head it feels very unbalanced. Give it a Fneh.

    Hawkeye – Lose the “H” on the mask and we’ve got a solid Hot. Keep it on… and I guess he’s still hot but it’s way less enthusiastic. I rather prefer the “Hawk Guy” casual look he’s had going lately.

  10. Another fun episode (or should we call it a “discharge”?)! 😛

    Hawkeye? Really? I always thought he was the most annoying Avenger.

    I would probably listen to you guys play games. Understanding that you need to avoid too much knowledge of the Marvel Universe, do a Legion of Superheroes based one. Y’all have already covered them (granted, it wasn’t here, but still…)

      1. There was a Legion expansion for the DC Deck Building Game. One of the main thematic mechanisms in the expansion was Time Travel. You can play as Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, Phantom girl and Brainiac 5. No Sun Boy……….

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