oHOTmu or NOT Ep.51: Iceman to Immortus

The Human Torch’s opposite number. An Eternal who might have flown too close to the sun. A magical husband. A tyrant from the future (one of them). Which are hot and which are not? The girls of the Canadian Hot Squad weigh in as coverage of OHOTMU issue 6 continues!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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17 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.51: Iceman to Immortus

  1. I’ll always have a soft spot for Iceman due to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and my son particularly loved Iceman for some reason. I think it was the neat translucent “Spidey & Friends” figure he had. I’m not sure about the orientation change in the “main” universe, because it seems to contradict a lot of the stories I remember reading, but I’m not invested enough in the character to be too put out about it. Maybe it would make sense if I read the books in the last few decades. The mis-coloring of Sauron here always made me think Bobby was fighting DC’s Man-Bat!!!

    I always pronounced it Ick-ah-rus, myself, but I-care-is makes sense with that wonderful Kirby “secret Identity name”. Just like DC’s Orion is “O’Ryan”. The Eternals are perhaps the Kirbyest of all Kirby designs. Glad to see the girls dig it for the most part. All hail the King!

    Is it wrong I hear 70s/80s TV magician mainstay when I hear the name “Illusion”? The last thing I remember seeing JTT on was Smallville, after his movie career didn’t take off like he planned. Oddly enough, Iceman Shawn Ashmore was on the show too, and I think they may have been on an episode together, if memory serves! Shawn’s brother played Jimmy Olsen on the series too.

    I’ll be honest, I never cared for the whole Immortus/Rama Tut/Kang bit. One is more than enough. Kang has the better look, so let’s just stick with him and flush the rest. I hope HE shows up in the MCU films, and the rest are just an Easter Egg mention.

    Thanks for another “HOT” episode on a cold day! Oh, and given the feedback about pondering joining Hydra and his rather devious thoughts on how to use Hydro Man’s powers, I think Dr. Anj may be the listener most likely to become a super villain. Hey, he’s already got the degree for it!!!


    1. Why aren’t you getting behind gay icon Iceman? Is it because you hate gay people? Don’t try to deny it!

      Seriously, though, when Marvel decided to appeal to LGBTQIA comic book buyers (and those who don’t buy comics), why didn’t they just make Bobby Bisexual instead of invalidating his hetero relationships?

      1. I don’t think those relationships are invalid. Sexual identity is more fluid than we realized. I don’t think that makes love affairs with women any less real.

  2. Of course Iceman went into Accounting. He makes COLD hard cash! And I am surprised the girls find Accounting boring. I mean, usually accounting brings a high interest level. (#dadjokes)

    I do find the discussion of Iceman’s power hilarious.
    Siskoid: He creates ice
    Everyone: So he destroys ice?
    Siskoid: No he creates it.
    Someone: So he can clean my driveway of snow?

    And I laughed out loud that when the discussion finally .. finally … seemed to be dying down, a ‘Can he throw slush?’ suddenly is fired from the peanut gallery.

    As for Ikarus – would be interesting for Siskoid to compare Orion to Ikarus to Captain Victory – all basic templates for Kirby and have the girls rate their looks.

  3. Having Iceman seal your enemies in an ice tomb!? Wow! This episode got real dark real quickly. Like Chris, I have fond memories of Iceman from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. If I recall correctly, Peter, Bobby, and Angelica were all college students in that series. Does anyone know if their majors are ever mentioned? I’m curious if that version of Iceman was on his way to becoming an accountant, like his comic book counterpart.

    Regarding Ikaris, I’d forgotten about his connections with Greek mythology. My daughter is obsessed with Greek mythology right now. So, that will give her something to look forward to in the upcoming Eternals movie. Speaking of the movie, I’m curious to see how Kirby they go with Ikaris’ costume.

    Thank you for another incredible episode.

      1. It started with icing the driveway, then jumped to sealing them inside their house to die. I was so surprised by the sudden dark turn that I had to go back and relistened to it to make sure that I’d heard them correctly. Beware the power of the dark side, or, in this case, the black ice!

  4. Another well done show! Challenging my comic book stereotypes for the 51st time! You found another rating besides Hot or Not and Hot or F’Neh. There is now Awww or Ecch. I’m going to guess Armadillo is Awww and Diablo is Ecch? Did I do that right?

    Iceman – I never was a fan of the X-Men outside of Phoenix but I did enjoy Iceman on Simonson’s run of X-Factor. It was neat to see these mutations continue to mutate! Because of this, Bobby’s ice powers were growing too powerful and he had to wear a giant belt to control his output. Maybe the belt makes him a Hot? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought at this time he was considered one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Also, with how blue this show can get I was shocked there were no jokes about him and moisture. The Iceman cometh!

    Illusion – That’s exactly how my 13-year-old hair looked.

    Immortus – This guy has never struck fear into me as a villain. That hat is just too ridiculous and now I cannot NOT see a giant arrow! He is now Immortus, the game show spinner to me.

    Thanks for the kind words on the Hobgoblin costume. My mom is definitely NOT a geek and, in 1987, we definitely did not have internet. All she had was my issues of Spider-Man to go by and she knocked it out of the park (though I’m biased). She created the hood, cape, tunic, shirt, leggings, trunks, and bucket boot covers by hand! The only thing I helped with is painting the translucent mask that we bought. I should also mention on other Halloweens, she made me a Batman suit and an Ewok suit (perfect for Canadian winters!). Pictures available upon request.

    It was great to hear the neat costumes you gang had over the years. What would say are the best costumes that you were most proud of and what were the costumes the general public liked you in? There were some costumes I thought were so clever but I got a lot of, “Who are you supposed to be?”.

    Thanks for all the laughs! Keep up the great work!

  5. Wow- all 4 of these were used as “blanks” for an “home brew supers” RPG sheets by my old GM. The traced Ice Man was one of the more common “male player” poses.
    The Immortus pose only traced the outside of the helmet and was redrawn as a “Demon”-
    Illusion with out cape was an NPC blank-
    I think I’ve seen those sheets more recently then I have the original book- this is not the nostalgia I came here for, but it’s still fun-

  6. Only after listening to this show did I realize that all the ice that Bobby Drake makes must melt! There must have been puddles all through Professor X’s mansion!
    Also, Ikarus is the father of Icarus? That means he’s Daedalus. Of course, you can’t make that into an English-sounding name. (D’Ed O’Luss?)

  7. Iceman went into accounting because his parents wanted him to. The poor guy never stood a chance. Oh, about slush, in the early X-Men stories, he did have a habit of making his own ice cream. In his hand. But, you need cream to make it really ice cream… ewwwwww…..

    Icarus’ look is so Kirby. But I just realized if you say “I, Kirby”, that’s pretty darn close to his name.

    Any story with Immortus requires lots of citations and footnotes and phone-a-friends and oy it’s pretty tiring. But man, for the oldest version of Rama-Kan-Tus, he’s really buff! He doesn’t skip leg day. Which is odd since in limbo, leg day would never end.

    Thanks for laughs, Hot Squad!

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