oHOTmu or NOT Ep.53: Inhumans to Invisible Woman

Denizens of the Moon. A Siberian hermit Eternal. A woman and not a girl. Which are hot and which are not? The girls of the Canadian Hot Squad weigh in as coverage of OHOTMU issue 6 continues.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Amélie and Shotgun.

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31 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.53: Inhumans to Invisible Woman

  1. Thank God for oHOTu or Not and the Hot Squad…and Siskoid of course.

    Inhumans: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Luna looked weird. Yes, it’s true, there are very few super hero comic artists who can draw convincing children. Or even teens.

    Interloper: Again, the girls really surprise with their love for Grumpy Hagrid here. With the talk of Santa Claus and the Seeker in the Inhumans, did any of the group see Klaus on Netflix? Santa as a big bear of a hermit, initially scary, but eventually revealed to be a big, kind teddy bear. Great stuff.

    Invisible Woman: I’m glad the girls didn’t hold Sue’s semi-mullet in the main portrait against her. That was an unfortunate hairstyle. Oddly enough Sue really does look like Jessica Alba to me on the top right panel of page 3 of her entry. This was drawn by John Byrne, who infamously made some rather nasty remarks about her casting. Go figure.

    Sorry my Mxy/Impy comment derailed the Female Bag. Wait, no I’m not! That was fun.

    And Mike Deines…great costumes! My Mom made me a similar homemade Batman costume around the same time, and I owned that mask the other kid has on in that picture. Small world!


    1. We watched Klaus as a group before Christmas (most were there) and loved it. In fact, you can here Nath and I talk about it briefly at the top of our 2019 Movies in review show.

    2. Thanks! It’s great our moms went through the trouble of making these costumes when there was no cosplay reference back then. I’m pretty sure my mom made the symbol out of felt and sewed it on a blue shirt and my legs are covered in girl’s blue stockings. Whatever got the job done! How did your Batman costume turn out?
      And for that mask my older brother is wearing, here’s where we kind of overlap again as I was also a big weenie as a kid and that mask scared the bejeezus out of me and my brother enjoyed tormenting me with it. Did you wear the mask for Halloween, as well?

  2. Excellent discussion as always! And always fun.

    A couple of comments.

    1) Seeker: I often look at the supplemental page before I listen to see which outfit I would wear and then gauge the response. There is no doubt, of these characters, I would don the Seeker outfit, right down to the needlessly ludicrous weapon. This, I suppose, explains the dearth of dates I had in high school!

    2) Inhuman dad puns –
    What super-power would you get if Black Bolt merged with Stallios? Horse voice.
    Why did Stallios allow himself to be subjected to the Terrigen? It be-hooved him to do so.
    Should you be afraid if Black Bolt merged with Timberius? Yes! His bark *is* worse than his bite!

    3) Interloper – Shotgun for the win with the Undertaker comment. I read the origin closely to see if Paul Bearer or a magic urn was mentioned.

    The Mayazaki talk is well warranted here. As said by someone, my guess is this guy has mega-eyebrows under that hat. And is gruff but loving.

    4) Invisible Woman – meh, not much to see here. (Sorry, another pun.)

    Actually what I can’t wait for is when Mike eventually shows everyone her other outfits in the bonus episodes. That should be a fantastic conversation.

    Still, I will say that I have something of a crush on Sue. She’s smart, capable, beautiful, and loving. She would always be the ‘Marry’ in almost any Marvel version of F***/Marry/Kill trio given to me.

      1. Oh, I can think of a couple he could have meant, with a little Malice intended (the character, not towards anyone).

    1. I’m picturing a dramedy documenting the trials & tribulations of a Reverse-Centaur trying to navigate their way through an all-Centaur world.

      Inevitably, the series should be called “Centaur of Attention”.

      Netflix! Amazon! Sign up these girls NOW!

  3. This episode is one of the times when the Girls’ general ignorance of comic book minutiae really pays off. The Inhumans have always been some of my favorite Marvel characters, and it personally pains me that they are probably permanently damaged, brand-wise, thanks to the TV show and will most likely never get a shot in the movies. So it made me smile to hear the Girls’ general positive reaction to the characters, not bogged down by knowledge of the failed TV show.

  4. Wow! The Inhumans, the Invisible Woman, and a Valentine’s Day promotion all featured in the same episode! How did we get so lucky?

    Inhumans: I was surprised and pleased by the ladies’ generally positive response to the Inhumans. I like the Terrigen Mist element of the Inhuman mythos. Sure, if you undergo Terrigenesis, you might get some cool powers, but you also might end up just looking like a giant earthworm. There’s lots of story potential there, especially when you bring in the societal pressures to undergo the process that probably exist. I also share Rob’s concerns about the TV series, and the harm it may have done to the Inhuman brand.

    Interloper: Now, this guy has a cushy gig. All he has to do is battle an evil cosmic entity every few millennia, and he can spend the rest of his time chilling out, doing whatever he likes. I wonder if his position comes with decent health benefits?

    Invisible Woman: Sue has come a long way since her creation, probably more so than any other member of the FF. From what I recall of the early FF stories, she often served in the role of damsel-in-distress, and was constantly berated and mansplained to by her “boyfriend”, Reed. Now (or at least as recently as the 00s, when I last followed the FF regularly), she is the center of the team, and, arguably, its most powerful member, in terms of the scale and scope of her powers. Ideally, she should never have had to go on such a journey in the first place, but, things being as they are, I’m glad she did.

    As an aside, I wonder if the ladies would gain a better opinion of the FF from watching some of the old cartoon shows? I’m fond of the 1994 series, particularly the second season, which was a step up from the first and brought in several other Marvel characters as guest stars.

    Thank you, all, for another side-splitting, gut-wrenching, hair-raising, nose-dripping episode. Actually, that last one might be due to a cold or allergies.

  5. Way to go on another fun show, everyone! All of you consistently bring a smile to my face whenever these shows come out. Now on to the characters……..

    Aireo – He looks like he would refer to himself as a “professional tumbler”.

    Leonus – I agree with Siskoid that Leonus should be an action figure. I would have pitted him against my Blackstar action figure, for sure.

    Stallior – I thought he would have got a lot more love from the ladies. For the anthropomorphic look alone but maybe the Roman costume threw them off?

    Piskas – I also like the look of this character. It’s somewhat more cartoon-y than the others. It almost looks like he’s from Osmosis Jones or some such movie.

    Invisible Woman – Of all the times for her to get an entry, it has to be when she had the mullet/rat tail? She will always be hot to me, but that haircut reminds me of some of my unfortunate hair choices in the ’80’s.

    Siskoid, I liked your Katy Perry lyrics, “Never Too Hot, Never Too Cold”. It immediately brought to mind that old Alanis Morissette song (when she was known just as Alanis), “Too Hot”.

    And a big thank you for the compliments to my mom. I agree she definitely deserves the compliments. Considering how much they have shaped my view of the Marvel Universe, I will always take a not-liment from the ladies.

    Thanks again for another great show. Keep up the great work!

  6. I’m about to listen- on my drive- I’ll assume it’s a good episode in advance, because it always is.
    I’ve mentioned the Supers-home brew that used “traced stuff as “blanks”- The Invisible Woman was Used for lady “agents/goons”.

  7. Inhumans: They’re an interesting concept, but that I haven’t really gotten into. They’re fine. But I laughed so loud for #ItLooksDrawnOn. You’re just saying what we’ve all “thought” when a costume wouldn’t work in the real world.

    Interloper: The discussion about brown Santa’s claws was also fun. And “Someone in the squad likes bears.” Too true, Siskoid. I eagerly await the announcement of Mr and Mrs Loper. If they get married in Vegas, he’ll be the Eloper.

    Invisible Woman: This was the era when I started regularly collecting Fantastic Four, so yes, I love this version of Sue, hairstyle and all. John Byrne’s artwork cemented my crush on Sue. And the journey from Invisible Girl to Woman was (dare I say) fantastic! But I’m also reading some 60s FF issues along with another podcast, and was shocked to hear in FF #17 that Sue took on Doctor Doom solo with Judo, before she got really good with the force fields! Sadly, that depiction was not the norm, but dang! #InvisibleWedgieFix

    Dang, should have signed up for a Compliment or Compli-not!

      1. I’m having to figure out if I could handle the girls reaction a la the discussion this episode. “Time Priest was on the list last month! Where is he? Has he dumped us? You son of a B!$%&”

  8. I’m glad that the ladies were able to give Invisible Woman aka a Sue and not let the awful movies color their perception of her. Like everyone else seems to, I think of Sue as sort of deceptively sexy. When you first look at her, sure she’s pretty, but she doesn’t jump out at you. However, after reading lots of issues, and you see how intelligent she is and how she holds the team together, in addition to the fact that she is the most powerful member of the team but doesn’t flaunt it in front of the other members. Besides, how many women turn down the bad-boy (Namor) to stay with the nerd (Reed)? Sue gets points with this nerd for that.

    Not to be sleazy, but Byrne’s version probably was when I first started to crush on Sue as well. The mullet was unfortunate, but her personality in the Byrne issues led to my crush. While Byrne’s Sue was cute, Sue was certainly more physically appealing under the pencils of Romita, Buscema and Perez, and maybe even Pollard. She definitely had better hairdos under them. Again, Sue’s personality makes her adorable.

    1. I agree with everything that others here have said about Susan Storm Richards, so I’m going to repeat some of it and add my own distinct praises.

      Gothos, my crush on Sue started under the Byrne run, too. I agree that her personality was tremendously appealing, but my age at the time may have helped. And because I thought Susan looked amazing under Byrne’s pencils, I wanted to argue with you. I wanted to say that Byrne made Sue look real, with her clothes that fit like real clothes, her emotive expressions, and her multiple attractive (and one unfortunate) hairstyle. So I searched for images to remind me what she looked like as portrayed by those graphite giants Perez, Buscema, Romita — and also Pollard. Surely, Byrne would emerge the clear superior to at least one of them in his representation of her fictitious likeness.

      Alas, she looked incredible in nearly all of them. I mean, I found a couple mediocre drawings of Sue by Pollard from the seventies or early eighties, but given how great she looked in the rest of his work, I assume Pollard had a crushing deadline, a bad inker, and double pneumonia when he drew them.

      Back to her personality. Yes, Sue is hyper-competent. Yes, she’s compassionate and kind. Yes, she’s a loving mother/wife/sister/friend/heroine. And those aspects are wonderful. But she’s also more powerful than any of her teammates and fiercely, aggressively protective of those she loves. If I were a villain, I’d be deathly afraid of hurting Reed, Johnny, and Ben (heck, even Spider-Man), for fear she’d expand a force field inside my lungs. Remember when she slapped some sense into Tony Stark? Or when she went back in time with Wolverine on his mission to kill Hank Pym? When she turned into a drill sergeant and woke up the team from near-comas to rescue Luke Cage and Jessica Jone’s baby? She is — and I mean this literally — one. tough. mother!

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that Byrne didn’t draw beautiful women. Storm and She-Hulk never looked better than when Byrne drew them.

        I’m so glad to see how much affection we comics fans have for Sue. Even though she’s the first lady of the Marvel Universe, Sue gets overlooked sometime.

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