Panel by Panel: Young Heroes in Fear

FW Presents the inaugural episode of the newly reconceived Panel by Panel, the show that dissects a single comic book panel from the last 85 years of comics history every episode. Siskoid and Martin Gray activate the randomizer and come up with… Young Heroes in Love #8, page 18, panel 1! Hear all about it the usual way, i.e. by pressing Play!

All relevant images in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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13 responses to “Panel by Panel: Young Heroes in Fear

  1. I know this started as an April Fools’ Day gag, but I love the idea of this show! I’m visually disabled and can’t read or watch video. But, I was a massive comic book fan for years. Most comic book podcasts are naturally about the stories in comics. Podcasts about artwork are rare and I adore them. THANKS for giving this a try out. I’ll be listening to every episode.

  2. Siskoid, I hear in Hollywood, no idea goes unused. Even decades after their initial development, shelved ideas eventually make it to film. Apparently the time frame for podcasts is much shorter. That being said, this idea really does work with the new parameters! Fun show, and its always a pleasure to have Martin on the network!


  3. Love this idea and love this panel. An amazing choice for a randomizer!

    This is a great panel, showing one image made of many.
    Hope we hear more of these shows!

  4. Impressive podcast. Most Impressive. Not sure of Panel to panel, but the Young heroes thing sounds like a cool comic. Shocked that they never did it as an Indy book. Just write more and Keep Supes and Scarecrow out of it. It could be a cool Image comic. Heck Futerions started in Marvel, but since Cockrum had a creator own thing and made his own indy book with them after starting in Marvel. Still cool pod cast. Ah yeah the image with in an Image thing. Interesting.

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