Panel by Panel: Super Green Beret

20th episode of Panel by Panel! Siskoid and special guest Jarrod Alberich, the Yard Sale Artist, look at a crazy panel from Lightning Comics' Super Green Beret #1 (1967) by Otto Binder and Carl Pfeufer.

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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8 responses to “Panel by Panel: Super Green Beret

  1. I saw a river or creek too, so don’t feel bad guys (I don’t really think you did anyway). I first encountered Super Green Beret in Jeff Rovin’s Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes too, and that cover leaped right to mind. Rovin was pretty critical of the book’s jingonistic stereotypes as I recall, and just looking at the covers, I can see why!

    I had no idea the artist here also illustrated the GI Joe Peter Pan/Power Records books! I smell an inter-network crossover!

  2. Great show, Siskoid and Jarrod! Now that we understand the schedule, when a Panel by Panel episode drops, my first thought is, “Holy Tempis Fugit, Batman! Has another three months already gone by?” I’m happy to hear the podcast, just not happy to be hurtling through time.

    I have to say, Pfeufer does a decent representation of Army Special Forces’ Vietnam era uniform, at least in garrison. Here are pics of famous Green Beret and POW camp escapee Nick Rowe for comparison:

    Despite my status as an Airman (like Jarrod), I have worked with many Green Berets over the years, and I still do today (both active and retired). It’s always a balance of learning from them, making use of their impressive abilities, and keeping their ego in check.

    This may be the p by P episode with the biggest impact on my life (so far). Today, as an experiment, I plan to print out the covers of both issues of Super Green Beret (now that I know they exist; thank you) and put them on the cabinet door over my desk. I’m just interested to see the reactions.

    Thanks again!

    1. I only printed out the cover to #2. The caricatures on the cover to #1 just went way too far. I got smirks and questions from a couple targets I distributed the cover to directly, but my primary targets were out today :(.

  3. Another fun episode! I also discovered Super Green Beret through Jeff Rovin’s Encyclopedia of Super Heroes, and I remember other obscurities that made an impression on me through that book…characters like Fatman the Human Flying Saucer and Captain Guts (possibly my first exposure to underground comix)!

    Also fascinated to hear about Jarrod’s artistic process. Hoping to stop by his booth at DragonCon and possibly buy or commission some work from him! (I own a copy of the paperback novel “Hero and the Terror” that was adapted into the movie–yes, it was a book first! Hearing about Jarrod’s technique makes me want a Chuck Norris drawing on one of the pages, but I might want to get a second copy of the book first…)

  4. I don’t know what a Green Beret is in relation to any other areas of the US Forces, though I’ve heard of the film. I got the impression they were elite.

    Anyway, great episode as ever, it was really fascinating to learn what it actually means to be the Yard Sale Artist – so cool!

    I’d never heard of Super Green Beret. He brings a whole new meaning to ‘touching the cloth’.

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