Panel by Panel: Cold Chicken

On this episode of Panel by Panel! Siskoid and special guest Ian Fletcher take a look at a tiny panel from Hergé's Tintin in Tibet and somehow manage to make it the longest Panel by Panel episode to date! Totally random, but both hosts are just massive Tintin fans, it couldn't be helped!

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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10 responses to “Panel by Panel: Cold Chicken

  1. Fabulous episode!

    [Kingpin voice] When I was a boy [/Kingpin voice], one had to make a choice between Asterix and Tintin. I opted for the Gauls. So I haven’t read a lot of Tintin, but your discussion was absolutely fascinating and made me want to address my youthful and entirely arbitrary binary attitude to comics from Francophone nations.

  2. I have the same relationship with Tintin that I do with the cruise lines. I’m aware Tintin exists, and I’ve heard great things from people whose opinion I respect, but I have not partaken of its goodness. I’ll have to rectify that (reading Tintin, I mean; I can probably go my whole life without cruising). Regardless, it was a lot of fun listening to you two discuss it.

  3. Great episode as always. I agree with the Captain. I have never read Tintin either and would like to rectify that.

    Do you recommend just starting with vol 1 – apparently called Tintin in America?

    1. That is volume 2, so I guess they took the unfortunately racist Tintin in the Congo out of circulation (I knew they had in the UK). I don’t love in America either, Hergé was still doing anthologies then. I would honestly start with The Cigars of the Pharaoh (or whatever it’s called in English). Introduces one of the major villains, and the light continuity of the books really starts here. It was redrawn so it looks gorgeous (The Blue Lotus – Book 4 wasn’t and you can see the difference). Bit of an Indiana Jones feel.

    1. In all seriousness, this was an joy to record. And let me reiterate, in case my joy didn’t shine through – I love Tintin. The good news as well is you can basically start anywhere. Or check out the animated series. Or the 2011 movie, to a lesser extent.

      Also also, my first copy of Tintin came in, and I’ve now made a checklist to begin collecting the rest.

  4. I’ve not read any Tin tin that’s my brothers thing I’m more of a lucky Luke guy myself. Thou when Comes to tin tin . Can some one tell me when did the captain get a cat ? ‍⬛.i know panel is about snowy but some asked me about that a my brother who is a tin tin fan doesn’t know when the captain got a cat .

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