Pod Dylan #88 – Every Grain of Sand


Episode 88 - Every Grain of Sand

Rob welcomes fellow podcaster Herman Louw to discuss one of Bob Dylan's finest works, "Every Grain of Sand", from 1981's SHOT OF LOVE.

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5 responses to “Pod Dylan #88 – Every Grain of Sand

  1. Great song, great episode. Whatever version I listen to I am always waiting for the dog to bark, its almost part of the song for me now. Dylan, based on live performances heavily favors the “perfect finished plan” option (sorry Herman!!).

    1. Thanks for listening Phil! Yeah, like you, the dog barking is now an essential element of the song to me, and when I listen to versions that don’t have it they sound “weird” to me. I would love to find out from Bob how that ended up on the track. An accident? On purpose?

      That’s interesting that Bob, when doing this song live, goes back the original line. How DOES he remember all that?

      1. Hi Rob, I am pretty sure (though open to correction!) that he recorded that version as a demo at his studio and they had the window open and the dog was outside and barked. If thats true I am guessing that as it was a demo they just left it in because it was never intended for release.
        I am sure I read that somewhere but its possible that I invented it! The official lyrics have “reality of man” so its even more curious that almost all recorded and live versions have the “perfect finished plan” but shot of love has the original. Oh well, a bit of mystery is a good thing!

  2. Hi Rob.
    Only recently come across your podcast and website – really interesting stuff.
    Listening to Every Grain of Sand again I was struck by how much JudeoChristian reference there is in it; which I dont think comes out in the podcast.
    Reading it in reference to the biblical verses (below) I think its much more of a faith song than the podcast suggested, albeit one that discusses a wavering faith.


    Like Cain Genesis 4
    Master’s hand
    Grain of sand Several old testament references , eg Psalm 139 v18, about the vast sum of God’s thoughts

    .. temptation..
    every hair is numbered – Matthew 10:30 – Jesus says – “.. even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.”

    ancient footsteps God walking in the garden in Genesis 3 v 8?
    [The podcast guest referred to a ‘parable of Jesus ‘ but I think there was some confusion with the popular religious poem ‘footsteps’]
    .. finished plan.. (Interesting the different versions)
    every sparrow falling Matthew 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.

    All best wishes and keep up the good work


  3. Hi Rob,

    Thank you for the great episode! I’ve known and loved Every Grain Of Sand for some 37 years and thought I knew everything about it but you guys came up with some profound stuff and, in the process, renewed my admiration for the song.

    Thank you for that!


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