Power of Fishnets 23: Zatanna Gets Adventurous

Ryan Daly reviews Zatanna's stories from Adventure Comics #413-415, 419, and 421. For the first time, the Mistress of Magic gets her own adventures in these five backup strips by legendary creators like Len Wein, Gray Morrow, Dick Giordano, and Steve Skeates. Plus, listener feedback from last episode.

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9 responses to “Power of Fishnets 23: Zatanna Gets Adventurous

  1. Terrific episode, Ryan. I bought these as they came out and have to say, Gorganus put the willies up me. And how dare that woman call herself by the same name as the beloved mother of Adventure Comics star Supergirl – OK, she had an extra L, but still…
    Jeff Sloane was rubbish, wasn’t he? Unlike the gorgeous Gray Morrow artwork.
    I’ve only just noticed that the Zee logo from the superb Paul Dini series is an adaptation of this one. Well there you go.

    If I may go back to Black Widow for a sec, the Seventies outfit is just so darn generic, whereas the original made her stand out from the crowd. She looks like she hasn’t an original thought in her suddenly ginger head.

    Will you be trying Mystik U for Zee?

    I can’t think who the Silver Age Marvel lady is who originally wore fishnets, The Wasp must have at some point, but I doubt you mean her. Maybe Enchantress’s tights were fishnets – presumably Asgardian fish are huge, hence the massive holes.

    1. I asked the other Fire and Water Network partners if Enchantress’ leggings counted as fishnets and they said no. As much as I like her and would like to cover a THOR comic with her, I don’t think that’ll happen, otherwise I would’ve done it before RAGNAROK came out.

      The next Marvel comic I cover for this podcast won’t be a Silver Age story. Think Starlin.

      As for Mystik U, I will give it a read but I’m not sure when–if ever–I’ll cover it on this show.

  2. I’ve often wondered about these stories. I’ve heard about them for decades, but never read them. I knew the artwork would be gorgeous. And as much as I love Dick Giordano’s art (and I do!) I have to concede I prefer Gray Morrow’s take on Zatanna. She’s just more…real. She looks like a very attractive, cute, REAL woman with a lot of personality in these pages. Giordano’s Zee is your typical gorgeous, statuesque comic goddess. Nothing wrong with that, but who would you rather spend time with?

    On the other hand, I never cared for Morrow’s Batman. He looks like a cosplayer in a lumpy Batman costume. Whereas Dick G was one of the BEST Batman artists of all time (with or without Adams), so there you go. Love Morrow’s Vigilante though!

    Wein’s stories sound really fun and strong. And I’m in the same space with you on Wein, Ryan. Pound for pound, he’s one of my favorite comic writers of all time. He constantly delivered solid to great comic stories and concepts. Greatly underrated.

    Great episode!


  3. Great to have POF back!

    While I can not–and will not–ever find fault with the work of Dick Giordano, yeah I have to admit I’m a bigger fan of the Gray Morrow story here. His work is so distinctive and atmospheric that it can’t help but stand out. A full on Zatanna ongoing (either book or back-up) drawn by him would have been something to behold. DC reprinted them in the final two digest-sized issues of ADVENTURE.

    ScarJo in fishnets?!? Excuse me, I need a moment…

    Edosipe taerg!

    Oh, and f*ck Roy Moore. But only if you’re of age.

  4. I’ve read these stories because they are part of the Supergirl-led Adventure books and love them.

    Like many, I love the work of Morrow, especially on Zatanna. His stuff does have a realistic feel to it without going ‘over the top’ photo-realistic. I love his cover for the DC Super-Stars of Magic book (http://www.comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/89/48226_20060702144636_large.jpg), his work on the Supergirl movie adaptation, and the Lois Lane mini-series from the 80s.

    And the stories are fun. Bullets to sponges is a ridiculous trick. But I like that it was as much her stage magic as her sorcery that made her effective. I feel like that would be a cool hook for a comic back then. She is both super-powered and a master of legerdemain.

    Thanks for reviewing and welcome back!

    1. Oh, that DC Super-Stars is great, a nice collection of the stories covered in this episode plus an early Flash story featuring Abra Kadabra. And I agree, that other work is amazing, especially the Lois Lane micro series written by Mindy Newell.

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