Power of Fishnets Special: I’m Burning, I’m Burning, I’m Burning for Fishnets

HERE COMES... a much delayed episode of Power of Fishnets. This time, Ryan Daly and the Irredeemable Shag discuss Marvel's Man-Without-Fear, and more significantly, his enemy Typhoid Mary. Then, Ryan addresses the listener feedback from the previous episode released ten months earlier.

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11 responses to “Power of Fishnets Special: I’m Burning, I’m Burning, I’m Burning for Fishnets

  1. Great discussion guys. I read this run from afar off a childhood buddy. I didn’t care for Romita Jr’s evolving art style, and didn’t get Mary’s “hotness” from the art, so I can’t say the character grabbed me. But your discussion has intrigued me, and I would be down to re-read it at close range with adult eyes.

    It seems like I met most of DD’s villains when Spidey “borrowed” them, such as the Owl, Stilt-Man and Gladiator. Peter Parket, The Spectacular Spider-Man was moonlighting as a Daredevil comic in the early 80s, it seems. Maybe that was the exchange for DD getting Kingpin? Free Willie he’s gotta be worth at least 3 or 4 B to C level foes.


    1. Into the Spider-Verse: “We claim Kingpin for Spider-Man again!”

      Daredevil: “Fine, I’m keeping… um, the Matador.”

      Into the Spider-Verse: “…”

      Daredevil: “Yeah, nothing to say now, huh?”

    1. I dig that look and design more than the Marvel Legends version, especially the cheesecake factor, but I like the sculpt/build of the new one. I would love if they merged.

      1. I made a custom version of her as Weapon Zero from her time in Avengers Initiative. All this is to say, I love the character

  2. Ryan, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this: don’t listen to Shagg. Do NOT watch The Defenders. It started out well but by episode 6 it falls apart so spectacularly that I almost have to wonder if they screwed it up on purpose. Out of respect for spoilers in case anybody hasn’t watched it (DON’T!) I can’t get into specifics. What I will say is that The Hand are by far the worst creation of the MCU. They are the most incoherent villain group I can think of. Yes, even worse than the Dark Elves from the second Thor. And understand, I really liked Defenders through the fourth episode and was on board with it. But oh dear god, what a faceplant.

    As for Typhoid, really the only nod to the comic version in Iron Fist Season 2 (which is better than Season 1, but then so is a swift kick to the joy department) is the multiple personality thing. And I know that’s the major hook of the character, but it’s not done in a comic book fashion. They try to ground it and it just kind of makes her far less memorable than she is on the page. Speaking of the page, I have a hard time finding a look for her that pulls it altogether for me. I’ve always liked the split face and I prefer the more modern versions as far as the tamer hair goes. But most of her modern outfits have been with this leather jacket not zipped up with nothing on underneath it so it just feels kind of gross that way. I think my ideal would be the modern straight hair on the original outfit minus the shoulder pads.

  3. Daredevil is also one of my very favorite Marvel characters. I read the Miller and O’Neil stuff, borrowed from a friend, and started buying it for myself in the Nocenti run, probably because of Inferno, but I stayed through the end of her stint. LOVED IT. Came back to it for Kesel, briefly, and the recent Mark Waid series was definitely my jam. I am also a defender of the Ben Affleck movie (both cuts for different reasons).

    So I’m very much with Shagg on all of this, at least until he makes the outrageous faux pas of saying Defenders was good. Iron Fist dragged it down and personally, ENOUGH WITH THE HAND. The better Marvel Netflix shows were Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Punisher.

    Find Your Joy with Hawkeye? I’m game. Two things have to happen before I commit: Avengers Endgame, and the Girls discussing him on oHOTmu or NOT in case I have to riposte vehemently (as you know, when a character underperforms in movies, the Girls have an adverse reaction). But both should happen soon.

  4. Man! This episode really brought me back to my comic book collecting roots. Daredevil was one of the first (if not the first) title I collected regularly, and this Typhoid Mary story was my jumping on point. As a result, like Shag, Nocenti will always be at the top of my list of Daredevil writers.

    As an aside, Silver Surfer was the other title I first collected on a regular basis. I previously hypothesized that I must have been into philosophical, brooding heroes back then, but, thanks to Ryan, I now realize that I was just drawn to monochromatic super heroes. Hmm… I wonder if that could be the basis for a new podcast?

  5. Impressive pod cast. Most impressive. Sorry this is late. This was some cool issues. I remember picking these off the stands. They were good. I like Typhoid Mary. She was even good as a hero in M.C.P. when she teamed with Vengeance. The costume wasn’t s good, but it worked. Her run in DD was great. As was her weird relationship with King pin. Wonder when she’ll appear next.

  6. Elektra was before my time on Daredevil, and Typhoid Mary was partially after. Inexplicably, despite my affection for John Romita Jr. in general and for early Ann Nocenti, something about the combination of the two turned me off the book. However, I was immediately drawn to Typhoid and picked up some of her initial appearances off the newsstand. I agree with Nathaniel Wayne that JRJR just wasn’t the right artist for the concept, but Steve Lightle certainly was, and Typhoid’s appearances in Marvel Comics Presents were some of the only Marvel books I reliably picked up at the time (as well as the crap John Van Fleet mini-series and her unwelcome arc in Spectacular Spider-Man.) My last attempt to give a fig about the character was her typically useless handling Bendis in the “Hardcore” arc, though I did buy the Typhoid’s Kiss trade that collected all of the non-DD materiel I just referenced and then some.

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