Power of Fishnets Special: Tribute to Prince

Ryan Daly honors the passing of his favorite musician by reviewing five of his favorite Prince songs.

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Music: “Little Red Corvette”, “D.M.S.R.”, “Scandalous”, “Sexy MF”, and “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” by Prince.

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9 responses to “Power of Fishnets Special: Tribute to Prince

  1. Great tribute Ryan. As for Prince’s music helping you to get laid…well, I think that’s the way he would have wanted it.

  2. Wonderful tribute. Good thing you bought the 3 disc set. Must’ve served you well over the years. So glad you pointed out the Batman contributions (because really, why wouldn’t you?).

    I always find it interesting how people tend to not focus on the “I’m alone and celibate” Jehova’s Witness years. Just a thought.

  3. I asked my college undergrad students how familiar they were with Prince after his death was announced. Although most were somewhat familiar with him, a few had never heard of him at all. (I have had students in the past who never heard of Springsteen or Madonna!). Those who seemed most aware of him said that their mothers were big fans rather than themselves.

    Personally, the only Prince songs I had actually really known were from the 1989 Batman movie. I appreciate his talent but he wasn’t my cup of tea. It was eye opening to listen to your tribute.

  4. This is terrific stuff. Makes me realize that I have 15 Prince songs on my Ipod, so I’m about 100 short. Time to go to work on that.

  5. The Batman soundtrack is still the best thing about that movie. I ran that tape ragged. I love it more than anything else he’s done, except for his version of Kiss which is one of my great karaoke hits (I don’t do karaoke often, but when I do, it’s a whole production number, son!).

    So that part of the discussion was near and dear to my heart for sure. Bat-Dance is obviously a commercial dance number, but I listen to it as often as the rest. I think it has a brilliant use of sampling, and the album as a whole has elements to resonate throughout; I don’t want to omit a single song from the experience.

    Thanks for sharing this, Ryan.

  6. Very nice tribute Ryan. Prince was of course, huge in the 80s, but I was just a bit too square to fully embrace him as a kid. I liked most of his songs, and appreciated his artistic genius even then, but he was too flamboyant for my tastes, and I never completely connected to him or his music. My sister was a big fan, and even went to see him on his Purple Rain tour. I had a friend who was a year older than me that was a huge devotee, so it was just me.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve always kind of rolled my eyes at the Batman stuff. It’s one of those “someone put chocolate in my peanut butter’ things. As I’ve gotten older, I can appreciate it as a sign of the times. Batman was very much an “MTV generation” film. It looks like a 2 hour long music video if you think about it, so who better to represent that element than one of the decade’s biggest music video stars?

    I appreciate the honest sincerity you put forth in this episode. Putting yourself out there like this isn’t easy, I know.


  7. Would not have pegged you as a Prince fan, but this was a great tribute. I never really got into his music very deeply but it’s been touching all the same to see the outpouring of very genuine and deep love for who he was, what he did and how he did it.

  8. Never commented here because I’d hoped to do my own combo Bowie/Prince tribute with the Rolled Spine guys, but it never happened (maybe we should do a 2016 Year Everybody Died inclusive memoriam?) I have a lot of love for Prince and his music. Eye also have a lot of irritation/fatigue/anger 2-Ward TAFKAP Unpronounceable Love Symbol + his music. Enjoyed this episode, though.

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