Record Revolution: 1993 B-side

Return with Neil and Ryan Daly to the era of grunge on this special B-side episode that serves as a companion to Record Revolution 1993.

On this episode, the brothers discuss the AIDS relief compilation No Alternative.

Tracks used on this episode:

  1. “For All to See" by Buffalo Tom
  2. “Sexual Healing" by Soul Asylum
  3. “Bitch" by Goo Goo Dolls
  4. “Glynis" by Smashing Pumpkins
  5. “Effigy" by Uncle Tupelo
  6. “Verse Chorus Verse" by Nirvana

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4 responses to “Record Revolution: 1993 B-side

  1. Bought or borrowed this album late in the decade. Remember being mostly unimpressed.

    1. Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend was a good album of note to fanboys, but I remember nothing of 1993’s Altered Beast. I think my reaction to “Superdeformed” contributed to that.
    2. 9. 15. Buffalo Tom is one of those names I heard in the ’90s but never felt the need to follow up on. Ditto Bob Mould/Hüsker Dü and Uncle Tupelo.
    3. Soul Asylum < Jack Black.
    4. Urge Overkill had the one great cover and I heard they were exceptionally dickish. Infamously ill-mannered touring band.
    5. 12. 13. 14. Never heard of American Music Club outside this album, and forgot them there, too. Ditto Straitjacket Fits, Barbara Manning, and The Verlaines.
    6. I liked a few Goo Goo Dolls tunes. More than the Gin Blossoms, anyway.
    7. I really dug "Shady Lane" and otherwise never gave a fig about Pavement. Forgot "Stereo" and "Cut Your Hair" existed until I double-checked my slam.
    8. "Glynis" wasn't bad, but it isn't on any of my personalized Pumpkins comps, either.
    10. "Hold On" kicked ass, and I think it got local airplay off this album before being released as a proper single.
    11. Soundgarden got stated as a lame metal band, and turned up as one of the weaker tracks on the solid Pump Up The Volume soundtrack.
    16. 17. Next year, Beastie Boys. And you too, Breeders.
    18. Is this Horses? Then nah.
    00. “Verse Chorus Verse” is pretty sweet, and local radio loved it as a rarity throughout the decade. Definitely makes the personal comps, probably toward the end, building toward a closer.

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