Siskoid Cinema Battles: The Anime Bracket

Coming this Tuesday on the Siskoid Cinema feed, the first of our film-inspired bracket fights! Two members of the Hot Squad + Siskoid will debate each match-up to determine which is the best anime film of all time (at this point, in this moment, according to consensus between these few people). Fill the form out yourself and see how your opinions compare. Which is YOUR favorite anime film (on or off this list)?

Wondering where your favorite is? The list was generated using Ranker, with some added favorites from each participant. We also decided that movies based on a TV show, wrapping it up, condensing it, etc. were out of bounds. So no Neon Genesis Envangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball, etc. We had to make sacrifices and kill a lot of darlings to keep the list down to 32.

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