Gimme That Star Trek Ep.29: Now Pitching

As 2019 gets under way, Siskoid and his guest David Jeffress look to the future, examining CBS' plans for Star Trek in the coming years, and pitching a few projects of their own, just for fun. Join them, won't you?

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Bonus clip from: Patrick Stewart at Star Trek Las Vegas 2018.

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16 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Ep.29: Now Pitching

  1. Great show, Siskoid and David, as always.

    I wonder if the older Picard will suffer from that degenerative condition he had in the future of “All Good Things”.

    If I would do the elevator pitch in Hollywood short-hand for the Picard series it would be “Star Trek meets the West Wing” or “Mr. Picard Goes to Washington”. Imagine an older, retired Picard getting into civilian politics — just as some famous soldiers have done: Eisenhower, McCain and T’Kalrnat*Q of Bandar-V. We’ve only seen glimpses of the civilian side of how the Federation works, like in the DS9 episodes. I’d like to think there are elections in the future. Imagine if a populist is perverting Federation values but is really popular among a certain class. Picard runs for office, and his opponents drag up every damning thing against him. Picard will need someone on his campaign who understands the press and writing — Jake Sisko, perhaps?

    Yes, it could easily be mired in too obvious parallels to our time. (Not that this hasn’t happened before.) But there are interesting corners of the Trek universe that can be mined when you leave Starfleet behind.

    I have to wonder if it was an idea like this that lured Stewart back to play Picard again.

  2. I’d love to see what’s up with the DS9 crew 20 years on as well.

    My pitch would be similar to Siskoid’s. Send a Federation envoy to a deep part of space on generation ships – years from Starfleet support. Let the drama play our that way. Instead of “Wagon Train to the Stars,” an “Oregon Trail in space.”

    Also, I do enjoy the idea of an Academy show.

    Great episode, lads

  3. I still have not yet sampled Discovery, but I am very excited over the new Picard show. When that finally launches that will be appointment TV for me.

    Though I guess that does mean that we’ll never see Picard interact with the Kelvin timeline Trek movies, something I sorta hoped we would get.

    David’s story of how he caught his SO’s eye was a nerd’s dream come true!

  4. Fun show – I love the idea of a show exploring scientific concepts found in Star Trek with Dr. Noonian Soong. I’d watch the science outta’ that. But what completely surprised me was that no one proposed an animated Captain Sulu show. Can you imagine how terrific it would be to tune in each week and hear George Takei yelling “fly her apart then!” It could be… no, would be the greatest Star Trek series ever made.

  5. I wrote a Star Trek: Warehouse 13 story for the Star Trek anthology, “Constellations.” I think it’s still available on Amazon. My story is “Devices and Desires” and takes place at a facility I called The Yard where all that alien tech is studied.

  6. I think CBS needs a Star Trek series aimed at younger viewers. So, my pitch would be for an animated series featuring a multi-species group of spunky young kids, who all live on a large tribble ranch. The recurring antagonists would be an inept band of Klingons seeking to eradicate tribbles from the galaxy, starting with our young heroes’ ranch. I can already see the new line of tribble plush toys.

    1. Hey, my sister had a plush Tribble (batteries not included).

      But this is close to my Trek Pets idea that I had a couple days after recording (isn’t it always the way?), a sort of Pet Avengers set-up with Porthos, Spot, Worf’s pet Targ, Spock’s Selaht, and a very hungry Tribble.

  7. I want a series of Shatner as Kirk in the ribbon/nexus, chopping wood all day, every day, except when he’s riding horses or doing other manly stuff. Making toast, going upstairs to that woman (Antonia?) we never knew, and we never see.

    OR, we see that one day, it’s Antonia, the next day it’s Ruth, Miramanee, or Carol Marcus, and then we finally end the series and he got it right and it’s…yes… Edith Keeler (played by Joan Collins of course).

    Fun show folks!


  8. What a fun episode. It’s great we live in a time when multiple Star Trek series are truly possible, with different kinds of tone. Nicely done.

    I didn’t have a pitch. Really I didn’t. But it came to me just now as a limited run, not an ongoing.

    A parody talk show, hosted by Q. Characters from any era can appear, because Q brings them. But also can have interviews with the series’ actors. Very “Space Ghost: Coast to Coast”, and breaking the fourth wall, because why not? He’s Q.

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