Super Mates 94 Gallery

Alternate poster features the Santa Cruz/Santa Carla boardwalk

Director Joel Schumacher illustrates what's at stake for the brothers Emerson and Frog.

Jason Newlander and the Coreys in front of a wall of Bronze Age comic goodness!

Straight outta MTV, the titular Lost Boys...and girl.

Kiefer's real tears, not from pain of fire...but contact lenses!

Cover to Superman: The Man of Steel #41 by Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke (who is incorrectly credited with interior inks here)

Interior pages from Superman: The Man of Steel #41, written by Louise Simonson with art by Bogdanove and Klaus Janson.

Lock's personal interdimensonal void is a lot like a dryer... it eats up clothes!

Stern talk from the Daily Planet publisher to Perry White over his adoption of a black boy.

Babe gets her some deli meat...the hard way.

He's a stage magician with his own personal black hole! She's a sassy vampire rock star with attitude! Coming this fall to NBC this fall: Lock and Loath-ed!!!

Superman just got knocked the #$%^ out!!!

Racy and misleading cover to MOS #42 by Bogs and Janke.

Lock walks around town, while his pet tornado sucks up infants!!!

OF COURSE Jimmy invited this vampire in...who wouldn't?

Ruthven gets knocked the #$%^ out!!!

I wonder what Maggie Sawyer would think of Superman hand waving Babe's homicides away?



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